Monday, January 31, 2011

Recap: Training Week 3

Recap of Week 3/12 of Half Marathon Training

The Hal Higdon plan my training plan is based on allowed for some smaller races along the course of the training.  Today, the plan called for a 5k; and I had no 5k to run this weekend.  I instead moved my Wednesday speedwork (postponed due to weather) to Friday, and ran my 3 mile pace run (that I missed last week) today.

3.5 mi 
6 x 400  
@5k pace 

  • 1 hour of Spinning + 
  • 50 crunches, 50 oblique crunches, 25 bicycle crunches

Tuesday: 2.85 mi easy treadmill run

Wednesday:  1.5 mile thundersnow walk w/pup and hubs

  • 1.85 mile romp through the snow w/pup and hubs + 
  • cleaned 12" of heavy wet snow off the cars (and out from underneath the cars) +
  • OnDemand Jillian Michaels' 6 week 6 pack part 1 (40 min) + 
  • 20 tricep pushups (on knees) + 20 chest pushups (10 on knees, 10 on toes) + 1:15 minute plank
Friday:  3.54 mi run outside (6 x hills workout)

Sunday: 4.94 mi pace run incl. warm up and cool down

Speaking of my pace run, it was 38 and sunny out yesterday!  There's still snow everywhere, but I was set on running outside.

I wore some of my favorites: my Lululemon Run: Energy Pullover, with just a tank underneath, my Lululemon Dash Crop & Baseball cap (because of the sun!).  I started off with gloves, but realized I didn't need them about 2 miles in.

As I wrote before, my target half marathon pace is somewhere in the 10:23-10:41 range, preferably at the lower end of the range, of course.

Warm up was a full mile at an 11:37 pace.
My 3 miles were at 10:30, 10:41, 10:17 paces.
And I was feeling good, so I kept up the pace tempo for another .45 miles (10:12) (apparently a little too good).
Cool down was .49 miles at a 12:32 pace, ending with a little walking.

I'm actually pretty pleased that my HR stayed mostly around 170 until about 2/3 of the way through, but that's also about when I picked up the pace.

4.94 miles, 53:27, Avg HR 172.


  1. I'm training for a half as well...I think I'm around where you are (also following Higdon), but I had some obstacles the past week. Picking up this week and hoping to get back to it.

    Glad I found your blog!


  2. I completely share your excitement at the warm 38 degree weather. Training this winter has been a challenge for sure! Nice work being able to basically stick to your plan despite the snow!

  3. Great job! Do you keep track of your heart rate for all of your training? Have you found it help you a lot throughout your training? I have a monitor but don't know how to really incorporate it that well. How did you start? I'm assuming finding your max and resting heart rate first right?

  4. Sarah, thanks for checking out my blog! I will have to follow along with your training! When is your half?

    Alyssa- Thanks! After last winter, I thought it was the snowiest of any of our years in NJ (that was my first year running through the winter); but now I think this winter's worse! Maybe I will just keep thinking the current winter is the worst yet. Makes me think I'm a big whiner. I'm going to keep trying to run outside though!! I'm not wishing away the rest of winter, because I do enjoy cooler temps for running, but I think I'm done with snow.

    Jessica- I wear my HR monitor for most runs and spinning. With the exception of the couple times I put on my HR monitor strap then left for spinning without my Garmin (whoops). I didn't really think I needed it when I received the watch, but figured I'd go ahead and wear it anyway because I like data. I did learn that I had been running too hard for all my runs. (i.e. average HR in upper 170s for a <2 mile run).

    I can't say I use my HR monitor to the fullest, but it has helped me be more aware of how hard I'm pushing myself. I've also found that over using it for the past year and a half+, my HR has come down comparing my HR on similar runs, which should mean I've gotten fitter. I've done a little research on HR zones and have recently tried to focus on keeping my HR lower on my easy runs. I think finding your max and resting HR is the place to start, because your HR "zones" or % of max HR will be based off that.


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