Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Keurig! and a Snow Day

After being home for 10 days with our new Keurig, we finally found a home for it and set it up.  We used it for the first time this past Sunday. Woo hoo!  Basically our toaster oven eliminates our need for our regular toaster; so the Keurig is now next to our regular coffee maker where the toaster used to live.

Our Keurig came with a sample pack of 12 K-cups, which is great since I have no idea what kind to order first!

It was really easy to set up.  It just involved filling the reservoir and letting it do a cycle with just water.  Then you put your K-cup in, close it, and hit the small or large sized mug button.

Ta Da!

I had the Emeril Bold; Husband had the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf.  Both were good!

In other news, this managed to get us a snow day today:

Ok, so I didn't take the pictures until about noon.  But they called the snow day last night at about 9:30 which seemed a little premature to me.  I'm not going to complain though, as it meant that I didn't need to get a 5am call about the snow day, interrupting my sleep.  I stayed up til midnight, and slept in until 9:30.  Because I could.

I'm actually very happy to have a day off to break up this week.  The first two days were a little stressful at work, so now I have today to decompress before going back for two more days.  Then a weekend.  Then only a four-day week next week.

Update on Week 1 of half marathon training so far:

Monday night: 1 hour of Spinning.  Didn't stay for abs because husband was making dinner, and I didn't want to miss dinner by staying at the gym for the extra half hour (til 7pm).  Also, we got our new phones in the mail and I was eager to play with them.

Tuesday night: Ran 3.13 miles at an easy pace.  
REALLY easy pace.  Because there was a lot of ice.  And sidewalks with a little bit cleared, then a little bit ice/snow.  And the snow day-inducing snow began last night, at the beginning of my run.  It started off as more of a sleet then switched to a heavier snow.  Temps were about 30-31 for my run.  I tried to remember the whole "easy runs should be 65-75% of Max heart rate" thing.  Which is hard!  For me that's 135-150bpm.  I can get to 135 with a brisk walk.  Anyway, I kept it in mind, and tried to really slow down.  Stopping for ice helped me keep it lower; running up three mini hills at the beginning did not. Avg HR: 157.

Wednesday: Just called my gym (It's the Student Rec Center where I went to grad school - The University also also had a snow day today) and found out that the gym is open 12-7!  I will be heading over there for my speedwork on the treadmill early this afternoon.  First I will take the dog for a snowy walk and deal with cleaning off my car.

My speed work will be: 5 x 400 @ 5k pace.

I used the MacMillan calculator to figure that if I want to hit a half marathon goal time of 2:16-2:20 (I'd really just like to beat 2:20:10), that requires a 5k pace of 9:28-9:45.  I don't anticipate ANY problems running that pace at 400m intervals.  I plan to see what I can do with speedwork in the early part of my training and use that to get a better idea of a realistic goal time.

Happy Wednesday!

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