Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hockey Game and M&M Cookies

Friday night hubby and I went to a hockey game with some friends.

Cornell v. Princeton @ Princeton

As my husband and our friends went to Cornell, that's who we rooted for.  Cornell hockey games are a lot of fun!  Despite being at Princeton, there are plenty of Cornell fans in the audience to carry on some of the Cornell fan antics such as...
  • The Canadian national anthem is sung, then during the U.S. national anthem, Cornell fans yell "Red" at the appropriate time ("and the rockets' red glare")
  • When the opposing team's starting line up is being read, Cornell fans pretend to be reading the newspaper and chant "booooring"

  • When Cornell scored, the Cornell fans chant, "It's all your fault" (directed to the goalie)
  • When an opposing team member gets a penalty, Cornell fans wave as he goes into the penalty box.  (these two are probably not exclusive to Cornell games).
Our seats were right next to the Princeton University Band, which is always entertaining.

The band is dressed in the above uniform (well, jackets and hats anyway), some members had fun additions to their ensemble, like one guy who had a stuffed lobster attached to the top of his hat.  One of the drum majors was wearing a shark hat (why shark? I don't know), and danced to the music with a giant silver scepter.

Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone on me at the game, and did manage to take a couple low quality pictures/videos, but accidentally deleted them a little prematurely while clearing out my phone in anticipation of getting new phones on Monday.  So I had to try really hard to find stock pictures.

Anyway, Cornell won, 2-1.  The game was a lot of fun!

Saturday night, I made cookies from the mix we got for Christmas.  I realized after posting about my food-related Christmas gifts that I forgot to include this one.  It's all the ingredients for M & M cookies in a jar, minus egg, butter, and vanilla.

Next, I added the stuff I needed to add, mixed it up, then formed it into balls "the size of walnuts"

These dough-balls are smaller than I usually make, yet still larger than a walnut in my opinion.  I found a walnut for comparison.  

There was supposed to be dough to make 2.5 dozen cookies (30).  But I fit 15 on the first tray and still had all this dough left over:

I ended up with 40 little dough-balls...which blossomed into 40 little cookies.

Bake time was 12-14 minutes.  The first batch didn't look done to me, yet, at 12 minutes (still looked like raw dough) so I left the tray in until closer to 14 when they barely started to get a little brown, as per the recipe.  I think that batch was a little crispier than I like, so the last two trays only stayed in for 12 minutes.  I need more practice with sugar cookies I think, because I would have preferred for them to be even softer.  I think next time I would just make these into bigger cookies to fix that problem (maybe twice the size?)

Regardless, they are still fresh cookies, and they were delicious!

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