Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Caffeinated Christmas

Santa and friends brought me lots of coffee-related goods for Christmas:

Christmas Morning:

Christmas Afternoon:
Blooming Flower Tea

Tea Chest with Tea
Outside of Tea Chest
Espresso Beans & Stove-top Espresso Maker
The tea chest will be a great way to organize the random tea bags throughout our pantry (once we drink a lot more tea, since it came with 60 tea bags!)  I have never tried blooming tea before, but I feel like I have read an article about it recently (can't remember where).

And I am super excited about the K-cup machine.  It is a great idea since I like loads of caffeine, but my husband is more sensitive to it and prefers half-caf or decaf.  We usually compromise and make a pot of half-caf.  I feel a little badly because we recently bought a new coffee maker, however - maybe we'll use the individual cups on week day mornings and use the whole pot for weekends when we drink more. Now the issue is to find a place for it... 

Do you have experience with any of these fun coffee/tea items?


  1. Nice! I have a tassimo which i adore but we have a keurig at work and i love the 100's of different varieties to pick from, the online store has crazy choices :o)

  2. We just bought ourselves the exact same Keurig machine and we are loving it! My husband likes strong coffee and I prefer medium roast and tea, so it is super convenient for us. We had a houseful of company over Christmas and it was great that everyone could have what they wanted when they wanted it. Bed Bath and Beyond has great prices on the K-cup refills. Enjoy!

  3. Ooooo, I got a Keurig for Xmas, too. Not the Elite, haha, but I LOVE it! Found you over at Gigi's. New here. Hi! :)

  4. Very cool - hope you enjoy all the coffee and tea!

  5. I got some blooming tea too! Looks beautiful but I have yet to try it. Yum coffee!

  6. Everything looks so good. I am dying for some coffee. My husband makes 1.5 pots a day (1 in the morning and 0.5 in the afternoon) and it smells delicious. I am staying away from caffeine and am wondering if decaf coffee would be a good substitute. Although, I feel it's the caffeine buzz I miss rather than the coffee taste.

  7. Dang woman you got the HOOKUP!!! Best presents ever ha!! I don't have any experience with them so you are going to have to teach me:) P.S. I got my hoodie from Costco! Hope you are having an amazing day!

  8. Love the gifts! I have a cheap coffee pot, but LOVE coffee. My sister recently got a job for a new tea company- Smith Tea- an offshoot of Tazo tea. So I got tea for Christmas =D

  9. Wow! So cool. I love love love coffee. Not something I'm willing to give up yet or ever really. :) I don't know how to use any of these but good luck and yay for coffee! Great to see your comment on my blog! Thanks. :)

  10. Travelbug- I'm going to have a hard time deciding what kinds to order!

    Prairie80- Glad to hear you like it! We finally set it up and used it today. I've heard BB&B has good prices, especially with the 20% off coupon.

    ChasingDavies- Welcome! I enjoy Gigi's blogs :) I'm not familiar with what the different models do, I think this one just has a larger reservoir?

    Green Girl- Thanks!

    Teamarcia - Curious to know what you think of the blooming tea, I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I'll give it a shot this week.

    Kathleen- wow! 1.5 pots a day! I have a travel mug's worth in the morning and sometimes I'll get a cup from Dunkin Donuts in the early afternoon. I love the taste and the smell of coffee! But probably also the buzz as I've had some wicked withdrawal headaches before :( I was drinking more coffee then though.

    HRG- Are you a coffee drinker or more of a hot chocolate kind of lady?

    ERG- I was content with our cheap coffee maker, but this is pretty exciting! Tea makes a great gift. I haven't heard of Smith Tea before, but I like several kinds of Tazo. I'll have to keep an eye out for Smith.

    Amanda- I'm not looking to give coffee up ever either! Though I guess if I ever have babies, I'll have to switch to decaf at some point. I enjoy your blog!


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