Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1. The forecast:

It was about 30, icy, with freezing rain coming at any moment.  Had to cancel dinner plans to meet up with two friends coming from different areas because of the weather (boo). 

2. So I ran!  I got in my ~3.5 mile easy run, and I was glad to be able to do it outside.

3. All of .25 miles into my run, while on a small not-busy side street, very close to my apartment, a car approached me.  No biggy.  I was facing traffic, as I always do.  I was wearing bright colored and reflective clothing, like I always do when I run at night.  I was wearing a freaking headlamp (don't always do this!)

Regardless, the car continued to drive toward me, and I was sure the car would move over slightly as I was bright coral pink, reflecting at my forearms and from the knees down, and I had a giant glowing light on my head.  But the car continued to hug the snow bank to my side with its right side tires.  The car never freaking moved over!! There was no opposing traffic, and no reason for this.  In total disbelief, I backed into the snow bank to avoid being hit, and banged on the car's passenger side window as it drove by me because I was sure that the driver still didn't see me, what the eff????

Here's my artistic representation.

This is the actual side street (picture taken during our snowy walk last Thursday, hence the pup in the lower left corner). 

Now envision it darker.  The lines represent the glowing that was coming from my forehead, and from the car's headlights, which were on.  Oh yeah, and see how there are street lights too?  Those were on tonight.  And the giant glowing light bulb on my FOREHEAD?? 

The car picture I found for this depiction has the gas pump still attached, because I feel that is representative of the quality of driver I encountered this evening.  Freaking moron.  Must have been an old person or someone who was under the influence, I honestly don't understand how they didn't see me.  At least they were driving sort of slow.

I was pissed but was determined to shake it off and have my nice run.  A little later, I looked at my right cuff, and got pissed again because my shiny pretty top got dirty from banging on the d-bag's window.  But I ran my ~3.5 miles (actually, my Garmin battery ran out somewhere around mile 2.25, and I estimated the rest of the run home to be a little over a mile).

No other encounters with terrible drivers, and I didn't fall on any ice, so that's something to be happy about.  And I came home to this delicious beef stew in the crock pot that my husband assembled last night/this morning:

Good night!


  1. I hate stupid drivers, but I did get a good laugh out of your picture of the car with the gas pump attached! Awesome!

  2. Funny description, but it's still scary when that happens! Glad you were able to shake it off and keep going!

  3. I'm so glad you banged on the a$$hole's window. I have been tempted many times to do this as well when I almost get run over while I am in a CROSS WALK!!

    Driver's like this make my blood boil!!!

    Glad you came home to a nice supper though :)

  4. How scary! I hate reckless drivers that can't be bothered to move over - they are risking your life! I'm glad you were being vigilant so that you were able to move out of the way. I'm impressed with your bravery to bang on the window, I'd be terrified of getting shot. But I guess that's probably just a Baltimore thing....

  5. @Brittney- haha, thanks!

    @allison s- It was very scary. I didn't get a chance to check what my HR did...haha.

    @Becky- My blood was boiling too!! I was ready to post about it as soon as I got home, then thought maybe I should cool off a little bit. Still annoyed! oh well.

    @Alyssa- It was scary! I think being mad gave me the balls to bang on the window. While I'm not too far from Trenton (scary! wouldn't do that there!) I live in a pretty safe, low-crime suburb. Cars don't normally drive that far over to the side, I don't know what was up with the driver.

    I remembered back to that Bud Light commercial where the guy has taught his poodle to drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvTJckPYEg4

    Maybe it was a dog driving the car...


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