Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Ideas for 2011

I'll keep this post short and sweet. In the year 2011, I will:
  • Run a sub-2:20 half marathon.
    • Hopefully it will be the one I have signed up for on 4/3/11, but maybe it won't be, and that's okay.
  • Check my work email from home LESS frequently.
    • Because seriously? What am I going to do with say, a parent email, that I read at 10:30pm.  I'm not going to respond to it at the time. I'm just going to dwell on it as I try to fall asleep.  It can wait until the morning!
    • I can do this! I went for all 10 days of Christmas break without checking it.
  • Knit more than I did in 2010.
    • I finished some socks and maybe 2 baby blankets for friends last year.  I knitted way more in 2009.  I have all kinds of partially-finished projects in my drawers. I will figure out what I'm going to finish and what needs to be ripped out
  • Have Less Clutter.
    • i.e. Eliminate my pile of clothes on the dog crate.  Eliminate the longstanding heap of clothes on the floor next to my dresser. Stop leaving piles of things on the kitchen table or coffee table.  Buy less clothing; get rid of something old when I do get something new.
  • Slow down, be more "present."
    • This will be tough. I feel I am always multi-tasking, thinking about what I need to do next and worrying or looking forward to whatever is next.  Also difficult because I have no idea where we'll be after my husband finishes grad school and looks for a job this summer.  I will try not to be anxious about the unknown!

I will also continue to focus on getting a good night's sleep, drinking lots of water, and supplementing my running with things like riding my bike (when the weather allows), spinning class, boot camp class, core work, etc.

What are your plans or goals for 2011?


  1. I love that you included a work-life-balance item in your list.

  2. I have the same goal to slow down and be present! So important to me because before I know it, My kids will be grown. When I worked half time as a teacher (the last 4 years) , I was always checking my work e-mail from was horrible...I was ALWAYS working! Good plan of yours.

  3. LOVED these ideas!! I need to be more present and leave work at work too:) I used to knit all of the time, you are inspiring me to do it more often. Great goals woman...keep us updated. Thanks for the grocery advice.....I hate how expensive it is too eat healthy (lots of produce etc) but you seem to have mastered budgeting:)

  4. Great goals! I hate how they always say that goals need to be really specific and measurable...I do much better with goals like this that talk about ideas, they are a lot more attainable and less threatening.

  5. I just want to say that I love running and coffee and knitting, too. :) Goodluck on your 2011 goals!

  6. Green Girl- Thanks for commenting! It's definitely an area I can improve in.

    Amanda- Yes! I keep wondering where the time has gone. Then suddenly it's a year later. When we finally get "smart phones" I will not be linking my work email :)

    HRG- Nice! I didn't know you knit too!

    Becky- Yeah, a lot of these are not very measurable, but I'll still try to report my (perceived?) progress on them.

    Emily- Thanks for commenting, I need to check out your blog!


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