Monday, January 17, 2011

Too many shoes

This is one example of why I need to clean out my closets.

-I currently wear the Sauconys at the far right, purchased end of Aug '10.
-I wore the blue and orange NB 904TRs for my first half last April and my summer 2010 running. Still wear for hiking and spinning.
-The Asics are from end of Sept '09 thru end of March '10. Still wear for spinning.
-Next pair to the left are NB 892s I got in June '08, when I was maybe running 5 or 6 mpw. Wore for my 5k in July 09.
-The pair at the far left is the NB607 I bought in May '07. (Thanks to gmail for saving my entire life history since January 2005).

Clearly I no longer need (at least) the left 2 pairs.  Has anyone ever donated to soles4souls or a similar organization?


  1. I don't see too many shoes. Or maybe I'm more pathetic because I've got even more in rotation. I do donate to Soles4souls--an awesome org.
    In fact I've got 2 big bags in the garage I keep forgetting to take. Can we say shoehorse?

  2. I wear those blue and orange NBs, too. Love 'em!

  3. I donate mine at my local running store. Mostly out of ease of drop off. I think they get donated to the Nike organization but I'm not too sure.

    Doesn't look like THAT many to me....I've probably got 10-12 pairs :)

  4. This post was somehow posted twice. I'm reposting a comment from the duplicate post (that I'm deleting):

    Janey said...
    I've only ever donated older shoes to Good Will, but sole4souls is a great idea! let us know if you get the details!

    Great news! Consensus is, this is not too many shoes. I will let my husband know immediately :) honestly though, my running shoe collection is only a small fraction of the size of my dress shoe collection... I guess I was just surprised once I realized I still had a pair of old running shoes from 2007. And I'm about to add to my collection in the next month or so, as the miles add up on my Sauconys.

    Teamarcia- glad to hear of someone that has actually donated to Soles4Souls!

    Abbie- I really liked those shoes too! I had thought about buying a second pair while they were on sale so I'd have them when I needed them, but I missed out.

    BeckyC- I've read about the Nike option too - they reuse them for tracks, right?

    I'll post back once I figure out how/where to donate a couple pairs of these.

  5. I only keep one pair of shoes...whenever I buy a new pair I donate my old ones at the running store. I always thought I needed more--but I don't!


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