Saturday, January 15, 2011

First pace run

This afternoon was a balmy 37F. Overcast, with light wind.
Today I was supposed to do a 3 mile pace run with a warm up and cool down. [pace run = half marathon pace]

I decided that while training for this half marathon, I will work more with a range of paces than a specific pace.  Previously I'd stress a little if I didn't hit, say, a 9:46 pace for an interval.  For a non-elite like myself, how likely am I to hit a specific time anyway.

Basically, my goal is a sub 2:20 half...
2:20 half = pace of 10:41.
2:18 half = pace of 10:32.
2:16 half = pace of 10:23.

So for my pace runs, my target range is between 10:23 and 10:41.
I think this will allow me some flexibility.  Later on in my training, I can figure out where in the range I have tended to fall and I can hopefully have a better idea of a realistic time as my training closes in on April 2nd.

Back to today.

This morning's breakfast, made for me by the hubby:

We only had one egg left. But we had a container of egg whites.  So it was a mix of 1 egg + egg whites for 2 breakfast sandwiches.  We didn't have a large selection of veggies in our fridge (cauliflower or carrots don't work on a breakfast sandwich) or any meat to put on this, so hubby cooked up some onions in the best basting oil ever. Plus some shredded cheddar cheese. All on a whole wheat English muffin.  With some fresh pineapple.

After trying to work on the Friday WSJ crossword puzzle and farting around on the internet for too long, I put on my running clothes and prepared myself for a 3 mile pace run.

I warmed up by walking a package to the post office, only to find the lobby had already closed and my box did not fit in the blue drop box.  So I walked it back to my apartment and left the package and set out jogging for the rest of my warm up.

Warm Up: .6 mi. - 9:12 (15:19 pace) Stopped for a quick stretch.
First Lap: 1 mile - 10:34
Second Lap: 1 mile - 10:16
Third Lap: 1 mile - 10:29
Cool Down: .49 mi. - 6:18 (13:00 pace)

Totals: 4.09 miles in 46:52, avg pace: 11:28, avg HR: 169.

{click to enlarge}

Note, my run was not entirely flat.  Neither is my half marathon course though.

I must admit...the first mile (after the warm up) felt a little rough as it began with a decent incline.

Then the wind hit me as I approached the top of the hill.

I started thinking of excuses for why I could maybe walk for a little bit once I made it through the first mile. Then I thought about how I would have to report back on my blog about what really happened on my run, if I gave up on a short 3 mile run. I encountered some un-shoveled and icy sidewalk and began telling myself there was no way I could run at the speed I wanted to without falling on my butt. I was starting to question whether I even had a realistic goal time for this upcoming half marathon. 


What's my deal!? I don't know why I was being such a wimp and so down on myself, but after I hit the first mile at 10:34 I gained a little confidence.  I talked myself out of a walk break. and kept running. I entered a nearby park that was mostly clear, with occasional packed snow sections.  I thought I should take my effort up a notch to compensate for the extra resistance from the snow and ice. And I banged out a 10:16 mile!  Third mile was at a 10:29 pace, then I slowed down to a jog and finally a walk for my cool down.

Anyway, it ended fine.  I can do it.  And I need to toughen up!

I had a buddy while I wrote this post.

I don't know what's up, but lately I've been her bff.  We'rethisclose.  She wants to be on me.  I think I'm ok with that; she's warm.

Dinner was a Curry Cauliflower and Beans Soup, recipe from Wegmans. Will post on that tomorrow.


  1. hi, new follower :) I constantly talk about my fear of hills as I run, so seriously you are awesome for doing this run, especially in this weather! Can't wait to read more

  2. Glad I found your blog! Can't wait to read more!!!

  3. I think that you have a really realistic goal for your half marathon. Just stay positive!

  4. You can do it.. Being that I am a running clothing freak, I must ask, what did you wear in this weather?

  5. Meg O- Thanks for visiting (and following!) Fortunately/unfortunately I live at the bottom of a hill so I have to deal with a hill at some point in my runs :)

    Wanna- Thanks for following!

    Michelle- Thank you for the encouragement!

    Ojodeazul- It was a little warmer on Saturday than today so I wore my Lulu Dash Crops, Lulu Run:Energy Pullover, a North Face lightweight but wind-resistant vest, wool glove liners and my Lulu Brisk earwarmer. Today's run was like 24 - I wore my brushed Nike tights, a lulu swiftly tech l/s, and my lulu alpine pullover.


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