Saturday, December 4, 2010

Try On Report: Lululemon Run: Dash Crop

About a week ago when I returned my Lululemon Dash Pullover, I was hoping to pick up the Dash Crop in Coal/Haze.  My store was out of my size in that color combo though, so I instead tried on the all black version of the Dash Crop (as well as the Run: Alpine Tight, and the coal/lilac Run: Inspire Crop - to see a crop in coal).

The Run: Alpine tight was perhaps overkill for NJ.  I looked back at last year's winter running and I never really ran outside when it was below mid 20s.  I already have one pair of full length brushed Nike tights, so I don't think I have much use for a second pair.  However, the Alpine tight was really warm, had a nice high rise, and fit well!  In my usual size, the waist band was snug enough to stay put, but did not give me "muffin top." Length was probably about 1-2" too long for my 5'2" self, but it was easy to bunch the fabric at the ankle, or fold the fabric (they do free hemming too, if you're interested).

The Dash Crop in black fit well, and I really liked the reflective strip on the calf, which is what drew me to them in the first place.  But I already have black crops.

I tried on the Run: Inspire crop to get a sense of the coal luxtreme, and found they were not forgiving to the back of upper thighs that are not perfectly toned. ahem.  I can say they were a nice longer crop, the rise was good, but I didn't love the little lilac color panels at the bottom of the leg either.

So based on my experience with the coal Inspire crops, I thought the coal Dash crops were probably out.  I went ahead and bought the black Dash crops because of the reflectivity (my other crops don't have this).  The educator reminded me I had a long return window (into January) because of the holiday season.

 Run: Alpine Pullover in Haze / Run: Dash Crop in Black

I decided to order the coal/haze Dash crop online because I liked the idea of them matching my Alpine pullover, and worst case, if the coal was not flattering, I could return them.  I had seen other pictures of the coal Dash Crops on people online, and did not see that they were unflattering in the back.

The coal crops came in the mail yesterday, woo hoo!  And I must say, I think they are far more flattering than the Inspire crops in coal that I tried on in-store (no picture taken of those).

Run: Alpine Pullover in Haze / Run: Dash Crop in Coal/Haze

Not super-flattering photos, but I'm demonstrating the higher rise of this crop.  They hit at my belly button.  I like the higher rise for keeping the cold out and for a nice smooth silhouette in the midsection!


Here are all of my crops/tights I own:

In other words, I probably don't need another pair of black bottoms.

Here's the black and coal/haze Dash Crop side by side:

Length Comparison:
L to R: full length Run: Spirit Tight, Run: Dash Crop, Run: Zoom Crop.
Also note, that the Spirit tight is coal/antidote.  
And the Dash crop is coal/haze. Both are luxtreme, clearly different shades of gray though.

I'm leaning towards keeping the coal/haze.  Then after this, I think I need to go on a lululemon diet for a while.  I think I'm probably all set in the workout clothes department...

I should mention that in addition to the great fit and the reflective strips at the calves, these crops also feature:
  • a back zip pocket which can be seen above in my pictures,
  • and two hidden gel pockets inside the front waistband (These pockets can fit a packet of gu or maybe half a pack of Clif Shot Bloks).
  • a decorative ruffle along the reflective strip (back side is circle mesh for venting).


    1. Great review! I like all the tights, but i think that the top look best :). I only have black tights, because I just hate having to work to match things (lazy...) . If they make a tall, I am sold.

    2. Ok, after seeing you wear the alpine in haze so many times, I had to go out and buy it! They only had an 8 (normally I am a six). It bunches a bit int he middle, but I think it is because I am short and would do it in either size. Running, does your bunch at all? I am going to wear it with the coal outward bound pants. I bought a black pair and was prepared to be meh about them, but I wore them on a 7.5 mile run today (with my Dash LS and a hat and gloves) and was perfect. This is the first product I have been super super happy with since my run fast shorts. They hemmed them and put the drawstiong back in for me, so they are perfect!

      I hope that I can keep the Alpine and it isn't too too big..

    3. ERG- Thanks! I do like the top a lot. These crops could be good for you if you're tall. I'm 5'2" and you can see how low they go. They must hit at a more normal crop length on taller people.

      Ojodeazul- Where is it bunching on you, the pocket? Maybe I will check out the outward bound pant if it's still around after my Christmas shopping is done. While I was hesitant to start wearing tights for running last year, I haven't found a pair of running pants I love yet. Congrats on the 7.5 mile run! How much length did they have to take off for you?


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