Friday, January 14, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Last night I did something stupid. Actually, no, it was just an accident. Despite wearing flats and walking in teeny tiny steps, I managed to fall on this:

...while carrying my work bag, my lunch bag, and two reusable bags full of groceries.  It was awesome.  While I will admit I was in a hurry, as I squeezed in a quick trip to the grocery store, needed to put that stuff away, change, and get to bootcamp by 5:30, I was VERY aware of the ice, and walked carefully. And still fell.

Quick science lesson:

It's true.

While our apartment's maintenance person did shovel a path for us, as long as there are 4 foot icicles 3 stories up that drip into the alley-way during the day, there will continue to be ice.   I just need to be more careful. What is amazing is that for the past week I have routinely walked on this ice in 2-3" inch heels, while walking the dog, and a couple runs earlier this week, and didn't fall.  And when I wore flats and tried extra hard to be careful, I fell anyway.

I landed on my left knee/shin (somehow...?) which did not feel good.  My shin about 2" down from my knee is a little puffy and sore today.  But last night I went to bootcamp any way and it felt fine.  I'm guessing I just bruised it.  I'd take a picture, but it's not purple, and puffiness doesn't really photograph well.

Which is why when I thought about doing an OnDemand exercise video when I got home from work today, I reminded myself today is a rest day.  So I will follow my training plan and rest.  And give my shin a day off. 

And after MollyWaffles followed me all around the apartment while I unpacked and cleaned up a little, I sat down on the bed.  And she quickly jumped up to join me.  So I kicked my feet up for 20 minutes with her to pass the time until her 6pm kibble.

It takes a lot of convincing to get her to snuggle with you.

Time to go pick up soup from a nearby restaurant for dinner.  I'm thinking chicken and dumpling. 

While I have no exciting plans this weekend, I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend!  My running plans for the weekend are easy: a 3 mile pace run on Saturday and a 5 mile long run on Sunday.

Do you have Monday off from work?  
Do you have any fun plans for the (long) weekend?


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