Monday, January 24, 2011

Recap: First Two Weeks of Training + Sugar 'n' Spice Cookies

Half Marathon Training, Week 1 - in Review.

The schedule:

3 mi  
5 x 400  
@5k pace 
3 mi 
5 mi 

Here's what I did:

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: 3.13 mi run
Wednesday: 3.65 mi run
Thursday: 1 hour bootcamp + 15 minutes on spin bike
Friday: Rest!  But I did 150 crunches and a total of 7 x 12 reps of various lower back exercises on my stability ball (I did all the ones featured on that site).
Saturday: 4.09 mi pace run incl. warm up and cool down
Sunday: 2.5 mile dog walk (pushed back long run to Week 2)

Week 2 Schedule:

3 mi  
30 min  
3 mi 
6 mi 
What I actually did:

Monday:  6.22 mile long run (from Sunday of Week 1)
Tuesday: 1.56 easy miles + 45 minutes of kickboxing
Wednesday: 25 minute/2.17 mile tempo run on ice.
Thursday: 55 minutes of the super-intense beyond-boot camp class
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Another Rest was freaking cold, and my quads still hurt from Thursday. Seriously.
Sunday: 7.58 mi long run

I expect some deviation from my official plan...Hoping to stick to it exactly when other things come up is just setting me up for failure/disappointment/whatever.

Saturday, after going to see Harry Potter (good movie, but really dark-- people and creatures died on screen-- I was really surprised so many people brought their small children) and eating half my weight in popcorn (haven't gotten movie popcorn in a really long time!!) we came home, it was 6pm, dark and 17 degrees.  Additionally, my quads were still sore from Thursday night and my arches were sore (wahh, I know I'm whining). 

So I chose not to run.  My leg muscles were sore just sitting down and standing up. Instead I did a bunch of stretching for my legs. Luckily, my super awesome husband offered to rub my feet! It felt fantastic.

Sunday, I went for my long run. My plan called for 6 miles, but I had energy from not running for 3 days.  So I did a little over 7!  (Also, prior to my training plan starting, my long run was up to about 5 miles.  During Week 1, I did a 6 mile run when the plan called for 5. I decided to up my long run by one mile for now, giving me some added flexibility in my training - I can build up to 13 before the half if I'm feeling up to it, or I can take an extra week to build up later on, if needed).

It was about 23-25F for my run, and especially cold when my route took me through some open fields and I caught a strong breeze.  At least it was sunny!

And, now, so I can include some pictures in this post... Sunday night I made cookies!  I'm not sure where this recipe is from, but my mom has made these cookies at Christmas time for as long as I can remember.  When trying to google the recipe, it seems there are some variations floating around out there.

Sugar 'n' Spice Cookies

3/4 cup soft shortening (butter)                 2 tsp. soda
1c. sugar                                                1/4 tsp. salt
1 egg                                                      1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 c. molasses                                       3/4 tsp. ground cloves
2 c. flour                                                  3/4 tsp. ginger

Mix together shortening, sugar, egg and molasses.  Add dry ingredients mixed together.  Mix thoroughly. 

Super moist dough.

Form into small balls the size of a small walnut.  Place 2 in. apart on greased cookie sheet. 

Bake at 375 for 8-9 min. 

Notice someone (ahem, hubby) took one before I could even photograph them!

Roll in confectioners sugar while still warm.  Makes approx. 4 doz.  
I made the third sheet of dough balls a little bigger than the first two; we ended up with 43 cookies.

Perfect!  I had three or four last night just for quality control :)


  1. those cookies look yummy! Great job on the training, as well. :)

  2. Don't you just love those runs where you feel like you can just keep going and going (as opposed to the ones when you can't wait to stop the second your garmin beeps)? I want those cookies....

  3. Meg O - thanks!
    Alyssa - Yeah!! It was cold but after I was out there a while I felt good! Cookies in the apartment are trouble...but I like baking things.


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