Sunday, August 11, 2013

Races I Could Run

I missed out on a PR-potential half marathon this spring, so I’d like to go for sub 1:54 this fall.  Really, since I’ve been pretty light on racing this year, I’d be ok with running a few races this fall: a couple road halfs for a PR and some fun on trails.

So far this year I’ve run the Bandit 30k, the Great Race of Agoura Hills Chesebro Half Marathon, a July 4th 10k, and a few 3 mile XC races this summer.

Here’s a few I’m considering for the fall:

September 8: Ventura Half Marathon

October 5: Agoura RAD 10 Miler

  • Run starts from Paramount Ranch
  • A different distance.
  • Last year they gave out pint glasses instead of medals which is a plus in my book.

October 26: Haunted Trails of the Night 10k

  • Night time Trail race from Paramount ranch.
  • New race put on by a great trail race director.

November 3: Santa Clarita Half Marathon

  • Cheap. $59 – minus another 20% through my running group.
  • Need to redeem myself on this course after last year.

November 23: Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon

  • Hard course, but a fun and well-organized race.
  • Ran it last year.
  • On the Cons list, it’s pricey.

December 1: High Desert 30k (Ridgecrest)

  • Another attempt at a 30k?
  • Running friends ran it last year. Quirky homemade “medals.”
  • Trail races are just awesome in general.

December 7: Paramount Ranch Trail Half Marathon

  • This is the third race in consideration starting from Paramount Ranch. Weird.

December 8: Santa to the Sea Half Marathon

  • PR Course from last year
  • Would be my 3rd race of the Gold Coast Series, earning me a jacket.
  • Mostly flat course, good support, but Point-to-Point is a PITA if you don’t have someone to drop you off at the start.


What races are you running this fall?
What are you fall racing goals?

SoCal folks- run any of these before? Any others I should put on my list?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

End of July Running + Sierra Pelona Hike

Not sure how this started happening, but this now makes for the second consecutive 2-week cycle where I do a lot during Week 1, then have an easier Week 2.

Week of July 22:
Monday: 6 miles, +391’/avg pace 9:02

Tuesday: Easy 7.26 mi bike ride/12.6 mph

Wednesday: AM: 5.46 mi, +213’/avg pace 9:16
Wednesday PM:  6.73 mi bike/12.5 mph. Tooling around on the new bike.

Thursday: XC Summer Series, Week 3.  3 miles in 24:30 (8:10 pace) + 2.1 mi cool down (10:33 pace)
*There were almost 800 runners this week! I it about :40 seconds faster than Week 1, yet moved back about 130 places.

Friday: 2 mi shakeout run/avg pace 8:27

Saturday: 8.63 mi run/avg pace 8:49

Sunday: 11.77 mi hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. I had previously run this section back in October but wanted to bring Dan back.

^Yep, we came up that ‘Z’ on the far mountain. And the trail you can see on the mountain behind that.

It was warm. Dan hoped we were closer to the top than we actually were.

^To the north. Crispy from May’s Powerhouse Fire

^Firebreak from a fire that happened here 6 years ago.

sierrapelona elev

The amazing pastrami pizza that followed our hike.

Week of July 29
Tuesday: 4.94 miles: 2x1200m in 6:26, 5:48, 4x800m in 3:41, 3:39, 3:41, 3:42

Wednesday: 2.3 mi easy, with 4 sprints in the middle (4x.08 mi in :27, :25, :25, :25)

Friday: 3.25 mi, +327’/avg pace of 9:44

Sunday: 14.14 mi, +761’/avg pace of 9:50.

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