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Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm 29 30.  I grew up in the cold tundra of Western NY, lived in Central NJ for almost 7 years for grad school and more, and in February 2012 moved to Southern California for my husband's job.  We have an 11 year old greyhound named Molly Waffles.

Somewhere in Utah, Feb/12
Back when my husband was my fiance, he encouraged me to try to run with him.  It hurt and I didn't like it one bit.

I'm not sure what changed, but eventually running grew on me. Two years later my husband and I ran a 3k together to get a handle on the whole race day logistics thing before I was to run a 5k with our friend Jess a few months later.  I kept up with my running, gradually increasing my longest run.  6 months later Jess (a marathoner) talked me into signing up for a half marathon with her in April 2010.

I started this blog that summer to keep me accountable with  my training as I prepared for my second half marathon that fall, and to give me a place to regurgitate the data from my GPS so my husband doesn't have to hear me drone on and on about it.  I've since run many more half marathons and now like trail running even though it's hard.

Things I like besides running:
  • coffee 
  • hiking
  • downhill skiing
  • riding my bike
  • word games
  • knitting (off and on)
  • thinking about running 
  • looking at mountains
I don't blog about work-things and won't typically mention work unless it's about squeezing in a run before work. If inquiring minds want to know, I was a school psychologist in NJ until we moved.  While looking for full-time work in CA, I kept busy and funded my running habit by working in a running store and providing in-home behavior therapy to kiddos with autism. I now work full-time in the field of applied behavior analysis in a position that allows me to utilize more of my school psychology background. While I assumed a graduate degree would be the end of my formal education, I am nearly done with 15 months of additional coursework that will allow me to sit for the behavior analysis certification exam.

My husband recently became a doctor of the science variety, and is now gainfully employed as an engineer.  While Dan's the one who encouraged me to run (he had no idea the monster he was creating), he prefers hiking or riding his bike.

My dog ran an impressive 77 races in two years in FL, winning 7 of them.  Not wanting to be like everyone else in retiring to Florida, Lee Gingham moved north to New Jersey just before the age of 4.  She changed her name to Molly Waffles, spent 5.5 years there, and now enjoys days full of napping on every surface imaginable at her new home in California.

Also, I don't post tons of pictures of myself because more often than not, they turn out like this:
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