Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tempo Run + Tuesday Happenings

Today after work I did a 40 minute tempo run.

Because Hal says a 45 min tempo run should be 15 minutes of warm up, 20 minutes of 10k pace (ish), and 10 minutes of cool down-- my goal for a 40 minute tempo run was: 12ish minutes of warm up, 18ish minutes of 10k pace, and 10ish minutes of cool down.

Here are my laps:

It's weird that those times add up to 42:16, but Garmin thinks it's 42:18?  
I don't care about the total time, just an observation...

What's super awesome is that my goal for the those 18ish minutes in the middle was a 9:49-10:07 pace (that's the 10k pace based on a half marathon goal time of 2:16-2:20, according to the McMillan running calculator).  I was shooting for a nice round 10:00 in my head.  And really excited to have hit the faster end of that range!

Time to treat myself to something calling my name in our freezer...

That's right, 3 pints of delicious ice cream from an awesome local dairy (for only $5!)

To be honest, I tried to pick up some delicious cupcakes from my favorite bakery on Monday after meeting my husband for lunch...but I forgot they are closed on Mondays!  So sad :(

Since I was unable to get cupcakes, I clearly needed to get ice cream Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was a pretty awesome and productive day:  I had off from work.
-I got an oil change
-Donated two large bags of clothing (finally!! That was part of my decluttering goal)

 (This is actually less than half of what I got rid of.  It was this plus a large kitchen sized garbage bag).

-Thought about getting a car wash to get the salt off my car, but realized there was still lots of junk on the roads to get sprayed onto the clean car.  Car Wash can wait.  Instead, I got the above-mentioned ice cream.
-Met a friend for lunch
-Used my Massage Envy gift certificate
-Went for a short 2ish mile easy run with the hubs when he got home.  Not as long as the 4ish easy miles in my training plan, but I wasn't going to turn down a running partner.


  1. A massage and ice cream? Sounds like a perfect day off to me! Great job on the tempo run!

  2. 3 pints for 5$?! That is amazing and I would be a giant fatty.

  3. Good news...the three pints have not totally disappeared in the past week. There is still at least a quarter of a pint left for each of the three flavors. That's some serious self restraint for the two of us :)

    Luckily these pints aren't available at the grocery store and require a special separate trip, otherwise we'd buy them far too often.


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