Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweaty Bands Review and Giveaway!

My hair is a big curly frizzy mess.  Sometimes I spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to tame it; sometimes I give up.  I need to tame it before I go for a run.  Otherwise, the wind will have pieces of my hair falling in my face and I will look very smart to cars passing me as I appear to be slapping myself in the face/eye to remove my stray hair.

What do I use to tame my messy hair?  In cold weather, I love my lululemon earwarmer/head band.
 (I don't mean to look mad in this picture).

When it's too warm for an earwarmer, I go with a hat.  But sometimes a hat is too warm.  While the myth has apparently been debunked that the most heat leaves through your head, my head still feels warm with a hat on it.  I deeply regretted my decision to wear a hat for my September half marathon in the 70s.

Luckily the hat and sunglasses cover most of my face so you can't see that it is beet-red.

I have previously tried elastic headbands from Scunci that look like huge ponytail elastics, meant to go around your entire head.  They do not stay put for me. I turned to the internet to find a no-slip headband.  In my search, some of the brands I found were lululemon, Bondi bands, and Sweaty Bands.

I read mixed reviews of lululemon's headbands, and Bondi bands are a little too wide for my taste.  My interest was piqued by Sweaty Bands.  I contacted Sweaty Bands directly to ask if they might be interested in providing me with a Sweaty Band for review/giveaway on my blog.  They kindly agreed and sent me one for each!

Note: I was not compensated for this review in any way besides being provided the two Sweaty Bands for review and giveaway.  This review represents my honest opinion after using the sweaty band while running.

I decided to wear the thinner one (1 inch wide) for my review as I feel I have a tiny head (I had to buy a kid's ski helmet).  The outside is a pretty fabric, the inside is a velvet lining to grip your hair without any "slipping or causing breakage."  There is elastic in the very back of the band for an adjustable fit.

I have now worn my Sweaty Band on THREE Runs.  I apologize in advance for the greasy-haired, sweaty pictures of myself. 

An 8.87 mi long run (referenced here)

a 4.91 mile pace run:

and a 9.17 mile long run:


The sweaty band stayed put for all three runs!  I will also say I'm not used to wearing a headband, and a couple times I felt like it might have been shifting but when I reached up and touched my head, the Sweaty Band was right where I put it.  It even stayed put while wearing over-the-ear earbuds for my mp3 player on my most recent long run.  The sweaty band did a great job of keeping stray hairs from flying in my face, and it was comfortable to wear.

Other fun facts:
-Made in the USA!
-Hand wash, drip dry.
-They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
-Available in solids or designs, even reflective fabric! and in a variety of sizes (thick, thin, and for kids)

Now for the fun part!  Sweaty Bands has provided me with a sweaty band to give away!  My very first giveaway!!

This Sweaty Band is 1.5" thick and is a pretty springy/summery shade of blue with light pink polka dots.

The Details:
Prize: One Thick Sweaty Band.
Who is Eligible: Residents of US and Canada.

How to Enter:
One Entry for each item below-- (Leave a Separate Comment for Each!)
1. Follow my blog?  Leave a comment letting me know.  If you don't already follow, you can do so by clicking on "subscribe to posts" on the right hand side of the page underneath "Blog Archive."
2. Check out  Leave a comment sharing an item that catches your eye, and what activity you would use your Sweaty Band for.
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog and comment here with the link.
4. Post about this giveaway on twitter and comment here with your twitter name.
Giveaway closes: Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 10 pm EST.

Winner will be selected through and will be announced on this blog by the morning of Saturday, March 5th, and contacted by email.  So please be sure to leave your email address in your entry, or make sure it is easily accessible if I click through to your blog.

A big thanks to Sweaty Bands!  Check out Sweaty Bands on: their website, twitter, and facebook.

PS, Check out their Valentine's Day Special through Feb 28.


  1. Okay, this is me trying for my first giveaway because i can't find any headbands that fit my teeny tiny head!
    So i follow your blog and i went to the sweaty bands website and i kind of love them all! My favs were bite me and kumbaya! I would totally use them for running
    Have a great weekend, you don't look mad in the first pic, just fierce, lol! :)

  2. Oooh! I like the shiny metallic ones I saw on the Sweaty Bands website! I would definitely use the sweaty bands for running/biking.

  3. I tweeted the giveaway! My username is megchamp

  4. Linking your giveaway on my blog sidebar under imaginary giveaways.

  5. I follow your blog, and also have a small head and frizzy hair. I've been wondering how I will tame my muppet-hair during runs this summer and this will be added to my list of potentials!

  6. Okay, i put a link to your blog on mine today! Alas i don't do the twitter yet, so thats all the entries for me :o)

  7. I'd use the apple blossom design for running.

  8. I'm a follower. I'm with you in believing that a ton of heat comes out of my head. I feel that I primarily thermo-regulate through my face and head... it's not pretty :)

  9. I am a follower and I have wanted to try sweaty bands for awhile now! I checked out their website and I like the 26.2 one but I think I like the cute one you are giving away better! I have some bondi bands, and while they work great, I don't like how big they are. Sweaty bands are so much cuter! I am going to blog and twitter this, I'll leave another comment when I do. Congrats on your first giveaway!

  10. Just blogged and twittered it @alyssalindsey - I want to win!!!!

  11. Checked out the site - I'm pretty plain, so I like the muted silver metallic thin band <: )

  12. Love your blog and this post is SO timely! Just today I bought a (supposedly?) slip-proof headband at Lululemon....we had a bit of warm weather last week and I realized I need a not-warm-hair-taming headband!

    Anyway, I follow your blog....

  13. Checked out the site - love the sport bands and the lime-green solid!

  14. I, as my twitter alter ego NickiinNY, tweeted about your giveaway.

  15. I follow your blog and checked out the Sweaty Bands website. Really would like to try the headband for running.


  16. Ooh ooh! I follow you! And I'm going to RT - @SarahEngleBrown

    Yay for giveaways!

  17. I follow your blog already! :)
    These are so cute!!!

  18. I really like the brown and pink polka dot one!

    I think it is because it reminds me of my Gamma Phi Beta keychain! I would use this when I run in the summer to keep my wispys out of my face and when I hit the gym so I look cute!

  19. i posted on my blog!

  20. I love sweaty bands... love all the polka dot and damask design ones.

  21. I'll post this on my giveaway tab of my blog.

  22. I would love one! I need help with my messy hair when running!

  23. I tweeted the contest!

    Twitter Name: RunningWTG

  24. I would be all up in the thick red and white argyle band's business, because I love argyle.

    I would use it for running, because I have yet to find a headband that will actually stay on my (possibly deformed) head during a run, so , finger's crossed.

  25. I posted a link to this in the "giveaway sidebar" on my blog.

  26. I think I'd like a skinny band, the Buck Wild! ~ Brown & Tan is too cute! Horses!

  27. tweeted:!/corgipants/status/43084876093722624

  28. I also posted your giveaway on my blog under giveaways!

  29. I want the muted metallic GOLD sweaty band so I can support the University of Washington Huskies!! their colors are purple and GOLD!! So activity would be jumping up and down :)

  30. your giveaway is on my twitter @marathondiaries

  31. I posted on my blog

  32. Queen of hearts band it in pink


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