Friday, February 4, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday morning I squeezed in a fabulous 20 minute upper body workout.  How, you might ask?  Scraping this solid sheet of ice off of my car:

The ground was a solid sheet of ice too.

Here are some icy pictures from that morning to make this post interesting, because after these next two pictures I'm going to talk about the details of my Thursday night speed work.

Icicles everywhere!

Unfortunately this picture is not super in-focus, but I like Japanese maples and I think this tree looks cool anyway:

Luckily the overnight and early morning freezing rain only gave me (another) 90 minute delay for work, and my gym was open that night.

Wednesday night workout: 1 hour of Spinning with a friend (second time this week), because she joined the gym I go to!  It was a different instructor than Monday night's class, so it was interesting to see how someone else runs things.

Thursday night:  I think I have lots of work stress building right now.  So I have lots of energy for sweating.  Since I didn't do speed work Wednesday night (schedule called for 35 min tempo run), I did some tonight. 

I had hoped to have time for a 35 minute tempo run before spinning, but I didn't get out of work early enough for that.  I know splitting it up into two sessions isn't quite the same, but it's better than nothing.  I think a 15 min and a 20 min tempo run would defeat the purpose, since the point is to do it for a prolonged period.  So I did intervals, split into two sessions (still not the same as all in one shot, I know).

Week 3 called for 6 x 400 @ 5k pace; Week 5 called for 7 x 400 @ 5k pace.
5k pace for me, based on my approximate goal half time, would be somewhere in the 9:28-9:45 range.

I had about 20 minutes before boot camp started, so I hopped on the treadmill.

I calculated the paces afterward, as my Garmin does not communicate with the treadmill.  I just hit lap on my Garmin for each change in speed.  Then I tried really hard to commit the distances to memory.

Speed Work session 1:
 @ 1% incline

Insert one full hour of Boot Camp.  Lots of crunches, bicycles, oblique crunches, planks, chest & tricep pushups, tricep dips, some jumping jacks, squats, various exercises with 5lb dumb bells-- tricep extensions (over head and while standing, bent over); and a bunch of chest and shoulder exercises. Several circuits of each.  I'm probably missing some.

Next came... Speed Work session 2.
 @ 1% incline

Since I was already warmed up, this next warm up was shorter. I felt good still after 3 repeats, so I added a 4th. (7th, overall).  I jogged for all my rest intervals (no walking).

I'm all screwy with my speed work/ tempo/ hills schedule - compared with what I originally set out to do.  But what is important is that I'm still doing one of those each week!

Here was my last speed work session, 5 x 400.  I'm happy that I was able to cut the rest intervals down from .2 miles on January 12th to .1 miles on February 3rd, and I was still able to hit the necessary paces each time! (Progress??)

Alright, that's enough of that for now.

We have more icy stuff on the way tonight and tomorrow, but the weather is looking good for my long run Sunday!  41 sounds tropical.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. That's a lot of ice! Glad you stayed safe and got your workouts in!

  2. Thanks, I just try to think of it as really getting my money's worth out of my gym membership!


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