Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Shoes: Asics GT 2150 + pace run

Ordered these lovelies last week:.  They came only 2 days later.

I picked up the Asics GT 2150s for $55 - 15% off + free 2-day shipping from Running Warehouse.  I tried them on back in August when I went to Road Runner Sports for my gait analysis.  I ranked them as my number two shoe.  Turns out that 6 months later these are now an "older" model?  And therefore half price.  I'll take 'em!

I got a free reusable shopping bag with my order too.  Nice!  I could have also opted for some reduced price Running Warehouse brand socks, but I bought 6 new pairs in August so I'm set in that department.  I should have gotten them for hubs though.

The color is a for me, and very white (that won't last!).  But I know I shouldn't pick a shoe based on looks alone.  And these were a style that worked well for my slight overpronation. 

I do like my current shoe, the Saucony ProGrid Omni 9, however it is heavy compared to my previous running shoe.  I really realized this when I wore my previous pair (New Balance 904TR) for a hike.  They felt so light on my feet in comparison.  It turns out my Sauconys are 11 ounces (including the Superfeet insole) each.  My old New Balances were 8.6 (Just went back and checked on my scale; I was way off) 7.7 ounces each.  You may think "Wow, 2.4 3.3 ounces isn't that much" but apparently it is.  My feet think it is.

The state of my current shoe:

(Am I the only one who catches the inside of my ankle with my other heel while I run??) 

281 miles later, they are still hanging in there, just not as white as when I first bought them.  I'm still using them for running, I'm not experiencing any pain or discomfort in them yet, I just wanted to be sure to have my replacements on hand for when it became time to switch.

Here's the rundown:

Current Saucony ProGrid Omni 9, size 6B w/Superfeet insole: 11 oz
New Asics GT 2150, size 6B: 9 oz
New Asics GT 2150, size 6B w/Superfeet insole: 9.7oz
Single Superfeet insole: 1.3 oz
(Based on the above, my math tells me the original Asics insole then weighs .6 oz)

So here's my question on the insoles.  I never had insoles before until this past August.  At Road Runner Sports, they were surprised I had not yet had an injury due to my mild pronation, and running without extra arch support in the form of insoles.

I have now used the insoles for 6 months, and continue to not have any injuries (knock on wood!).  Is running injury-free due to the insoles, or would I have been fine without them all along?

I am debating whether to continue use the insoles in the next pair of shoes.
Maybe I'll try some runs with and without the insoles when I switch to the new shoes.


I will post on my new handheld water bottle after I have a chance to use it (tomorrow?)

And, if you want the code I used for 15% off your entire purchase at Running Warehouse, drop me an email at amandarunsoncoffee (at) gmail (dot) com and I will share.  I don't want to broadcast it and have the code shut down by Running Warehouse (not that I have soooo many people reading where that would happen, but still...)

Oh yeah -- and Friday's run.

It was 70F when I got home from work.  I didn't realize it was that warm because it was also pretty breezy.  I got to wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts!  And I did my 3 mile pace run.  Actually it became more of a 3.44 mile pace run, with 1 mi warm up and .46 mi cool down:

So my desired pace range for this run was 10:23-10:45.  I was within the range, but a little disappointed that it was toward the slower end.  I picked up my pace for my second pace mile- and was around 10:30 at .91 miles, but stopped to get a rock out of my sock.  That apparently cost me, resulting in a 10:44 lap.  So I tried to be just a little faster for the third pace mile and was.  Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke (and because I was still a ways from home) I continued at that pace for another .44 miles, comfortably.  Then I jogged/walked the rest of the way home (.46 miles).

Today was my rest day since I ran on my originally scheduled rest day (Friday was too nice NOT to!).  That's a good thing because today was back in the 40s and super windy (like, wind advisory-windy. Like, people's Christmas trees that are out at the curb and haven't been picked up yet getting blown into the street-windy).

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be my long run.
Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

I added the Daily Mile widget to my page.
Experimenting with syncing Garmin & Daily Mile.  It bugs me that it shows total mileage, because I used it for a little while last year -- then stopped using it until now, so it is inaccurate.  Then, when I connected my Garmin, it only uploaded since mid-January, not all the way back to the beginning of January.  Oh well.


  1. Nice new shoes! RW is the bomb. No clue about the insoles

  2. Those are my shoes and I really love them. When i got fitted at the store I ran with one in a saucony and one in the asics and I picked the asics because it felt alot lighter. Too bad because there is a nice saucony outlet like 5 minutes from me but oh well!

  3. I love running warehouse!

    I have run injury free without insoles. I had talked to someone when i had some toe pain, they were going to suggest insoles but they found me better shoes. They told me if I'm not injured it shouldn't be a problem to run without the insoles-why fix something that ain't broke?

    Don't worry about the pace runs! Keep up the hard work and you will get to be where you want to be!

  4. I love running warehouse now too! My husband got his last pair of running shoes from them too.

    vicky- at least I'm not the only one who noticed the extra weight! The Saucony's have been good shoes, but I'm looking forward to wearing a lighter pair again.

    Jessica- I'm thinking I'll try without the insoles again...coming back to the whole weight of my shoe thing. I'm a little nervous about continuing to use the insoles and then requiring more arch support all the time or something too. Thanks for the words of encouragement! :)


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