Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Food: Israeli Couscous + Long Run Sunday

Last night's dinner was Mahi Mahi!  Hubs seasoned the filets in a jerk seasoning then pan seared them.  On the side was some broccoli and an Israeli couscous blend.

I found the Golden Jewel blend at Wegmans yesterday:


It's a blend of Israeli coucous (which I've never had before!), tri-colored orzo, split baby garbanzo beans, and red quinoa.  You can see the full nutrition details through the link above.  But per serving, it's got 1g of fat, 2g of fiber, and 6g of protein.

Here's what it looks like in better detail:

I really liked it, it was a nice change from plain couscous or jasmine rice.  As you can see, the round white pieces are much bigger than regular couscous, and I would say they were moister than regular couscous.  I enjoyed the variety of textures in the mix.  And it took all of 22 minutes to make on the stove top.

Long Run

This afternoon it was around 40F and sunny and I got in my long run, which turned out to be 9.17 miles.  I ran til 9.0 then jogged/walked the remaining .17 home for my cool down.

It was my Camelbak Quick Grip's inaugural run.

Here's an awkward picture of me, sweaty, after my run posing with my new beloved bottle.

Will post more specifics on the bottle in the next couple days.  I'm not sure if I ever posted about this run top either; it's from lululemon, I lurve it.

My first 1-6 miles were at paces ranging from 11:19 to 12:50 due to waiting for traffic lights and having cars honk at me to ask for directions.  I then thought I'd pick up the pace to see if I was capable on tired legs-- Mile 7 was 11:02, Mile 8 was 10:43 and Mile 9 was 10:33.

Oh! And because I last ate about 3 hours before my run, I packed a little gu in my water bottle pocket.  I had it around mile 4.6 right after I stopped to give someone directions.  It was the first time I had mint chocolate and I REALLY liked it much better than I expected to.  It sat well for the rest of my run too (Mint chocolate gu courtesy of Nicole's giveaway on her blog Running Around the Rock).

My previous gu flavors have been Espresso Love and Vanilla.

I was proud of keeping my heart rate mostly below 170, except when I kicked it up a notch toward the end.  My average HR was 165 and max HR was 184.

I have a couple posts I want to write for early this week including a review of the Camelbak Quick Grip plus a giveaway!  Good thing I have off from work tomorrow to work on that.


  1. Was the chocolate mint like a Girl Scout Thin Mint?

  2. So glad that you liked the choco mint flavor. I had one on my long run Friday :)

  3. I am so not into GU, but I want to like it, maybe that will be a flavor I can stand. I brought some Luna chews on my 10 miler yesterday and they were a bit oldish I guess because they were hard as rocks! I am looking for a bigger handheld bottle for long runs so I am excited to hear the review!

  4. that lululemon top is super cute. i just love thumb hole thingies on the sleeves.

  5. Ohhh that top looks super cute on you, i remember trying it on when it came out and i regret i didn't get it now!
    I made israeli couscous for the first time a few weeks ago and instantly loved it, yummm

  6. That ambition pullover is fantastic. I will be running in it for my half this weekend, with my very girly run resolution skirt (the plaid one & the same color ambition you have on). I think I have decided that we should combine wardrobes and save our selves TONS of money. We always buy and like the same things!

  7. Green Girl- thin mints are probably a good comparison! Maybe that's why I liked it so much...

    Nicole- I think I need to buy more! Welcome back!

    Vicky- I didn't think I was a Gu person either. The espresso wasn't bad, but the vanilla wasn't so great for me. I really like Clif Shot Bloks, haven't tried Luna chews before though.

    Kathleen- thanks! I like my couple hoodies with thumbholes just for lounging around when it's cold out too.

    Travelbug- Thank you! It caught my interest when it first came out...I thought I missed out on it, then found it at my store like a month and a half later.

    Ojodeazul- Very nice!! That will be a cute outfit. We definitely seem to have the same taste in lululemon stuff. Good luck to you this weekend!!


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