Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Souvenirs from VT

Just a couple things we brought back from Vermont...

1. Real maple syrup;
2. the closest thing to my lifelong goal of seeing a real live moose-- two moose mugs (seriously, no moose sightings in four visits to Vermont since 2002?);
3. and hubs appears to have come back to NJ with the flu! :-/

I stopped at the store on the way home from work to get him some things and happened across yet another new addition to the Greek yogurt section... Dannon!  5.3 ounces for $.99 at my local Wegmans.  Reader Becky C had mentioned recently that Dannon had their own version. See my recent profession of love for Greek Yogurt here.

I picked up a plain and a vanilla, both fat free - those were the only two varieties available.  Looking forward to trying them out!

The last thing I brought back from Vermont with me was sore calves!  My calves have been feeling a little stiff since I woke up Monday morning (morning after day 2 of skiing).  Not sure if it was from standing around in the lift lines, or using my muscles differently, or my ski boots fitting snugly around my jumbo calves, but regardless- yikes!  Yesterday and today I felt like an old man walking around.

The Old Man Shuffle: That's what I shall refer to my 3.79 mile easy run tonight.  I went slow, my goal was to just move.  I tried to stretch my calves throughout the day, and debated whether or not to do my easy run tonight.  Needing to stop at the grocery store on my way home from work delayed my plans to run while it was still light out.

It didn't help that I wanted to watch "Watson" on Jeopardy at 7pm.  I ended up going for my run after Jeopardy ended; it was still 32F out.  I wasn't sure if I'd make it the full 4 miles my training plan called for, but thought I should move anyway to loosen up my thunder-calves.  While I felt stiff at first (hence, Old Man Shuffle), I eventually warmed up along the way and my legs do feel better now.

I'm hoping my legs feel even better tomorrow, we've got some great warm weather coming to NJ in the next couple days and I can't wait to run outside in it!  If not, maybe it will be an excuse to use my Massage Envy gift certificate from Christmas...(Wait, why do I need an excuse? I don't know why I haven't used it yet).

65 on Friday!? I may have to rework which day is my rest day this week.  How can I not run on Friday??


  1. I once saw a moose driving to UNH from my hometown in NH. It was seriously huge and like 4 cars were stopped to check it out! You'll probably see one when you least expect it!

  2. Aww so sad but at least the moose mugs are cute! 3.79 is close enough to four after you worked your legs like crazy skiing all weekend. I hope your hubby feels better soon!

  3. Numerous trips to northern Maine and Vermont and I also have never seen one! We woke us and the kids up before dawn for a moose "hunt" once when we were staying at "moosehead lake" to no avail!

  4. 65 on Friday....that is so so awesome!! I am jealous. AWESOME mugs and I love REAL maple syrup, you are making me drool. Gotta love the old man shuffle:)

  5. Yum! My store only ever has vanilla, plain, strawberry, and blueberry so I wonder if that is it or if other flavors exist. I'm intersted to hear how you liked it, since I think the vanilla is better than the Chobani Vanilla.

    On a related note, I had a Chobani pineapple this week and it was so good! I didn't noticed until the end that it is 2%, which I think I've never had before so I think that was the culprit in the dreaminess of it.

    I like the Old Man Shuffle analogy...we all have those days!

  6. Sorry I slacked off and never responded to thiese comments!

    Brittney- jealous of the moose sighting!! Guess I'll just have to go back to VT again, or maybe Maine...

    Alyssa- I was talking myself out of the run, then talked myself into at least 3 miles, and was happy I stuck it out past 3.

    Vicky- glad to hear I'm not alone! With a name like Moosehead, you'd expect a little moose!

    HRG- I'm pleased with the mugs, they are heavy and nice to hold, especially when filled with coffee or hot chocolate! The warm weather was just a teaser, we had a little snow again this morning... boo.

    Becky C- Good news, Dannon's strawberry, blueberry, and honey are now available at my grocery store! I like the pineapple flavor too, I'm ok with 2%! Still better for you than the Fage "Total" w/cherry (12g of fat for a little cup, omg) that I bought by accident once. haha


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