Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recap: Training Week 6 - half way!

Plan for Week 6:

4 mi 
40 min 

As I wrote last week, I swapped the end of week 5 with the end of week 6 to allow for skiing.  I also swapped tempo run/speed work between weeks.  So really, this week looked nothing like the plan called for!

What I actually did:

2/14: Sat/Drove in car for 6 hours back from Vermont.
2/15: 3.79 mi easy run on sore calves (a.k.a. Old Man Shuffle)
2/16: 4x800@10k pace (faster!) = 4.68 miles
2/17: 1 hr Boot Camp - biceps, triceps, legs, and as always, lots of crunches and planks mixed in.
2/18: 3 mi pace run = 4.91 miles
2/19: Rest
2/20: Long Run: 9.17 miles

Total: 22.55 miles!

Can't believe I'm half way through training already, less than 6 weeks til the half!

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