Sunday, February 27, 2011

How much running gear is too much??

But first, it's Long Run Sunday!

These deer were watching me.  Not my house.

My horse friend.

Big field I run by after the horses.

1.5 miles before the end of my run.

52F and sunny when I started out at 4pm.  10.49 miles in 2 hours.  Avg Heart Rate: 172; Max HR 183.  Went well.  I had an "island nectars" gu at about 5.5 miles, after stopping to photograph my horse friend (reflected in my lap 6 pace).  Cool down was a jog for .3 miles; walk for .2 miles.

As I was preparing for my long run both last week and this week, I asked myself:

How much stuff is TOO much stuff to bring with me running?

I got my snazzy little ifitness pouch back in the fall after seeing that at my half marathon expo.  It is great for running with my small camera, not to mention holding my license, keys, and maybe some shot bloks or gu.

I just recently got the hand held water bottle which I em enjoying for my longer runs, as the weather is warming up and my long runs are getting longer.  It has a key hook and room for a gu in the zip pouch.

My Garmin accompanies me on all my runs.

And I run with music about once a week.  I don't want to become too dependent on music for keeping me motivated, but I'm starting to consider running with music for my upcoming half marathon (I did not run with music for my previous two halfs).  It's going to be a more low-key half marathon, through a park, without spectators lining the course.  I might require a little extra motivation to get me through the hills, too.  I don't play my music loud enough to drown out other noises, so I am not concerned with the music making me oblivious to my surroundings.

I don't always run with ALL this stuff...but last week I did run with the watch, my water bottle and the mp3 player.  Which meant I had something in each hand, which wasn't really an issue but I felt kind of ridiculous. 

Today I ran with the ifitness pouch, which carried my camera, license, and mp3 player (set on a play list so I wouldn't have to hit any buttons).  Also wore the watch, and carried my water bottle which held the gu & apartment keys.

1. What do you bring with you on your long runs?
2. Do you run with music??  What are your thoughts on music during races?


  1. I LOVE running with music! I know there are mixed feelings out there about it, but personally I don't see any issues with being motivated by music. I listen to music during many other situations in my life (celebrations, road trips, sad times, etc.) and I look at running as just another situation that music enhances.

  2. I haven't gotten to super long runs yet, so right now I just have the garmin and I also bought a spibelt. As far as music goes, it's totally my crutch right now. I'd like to go sans music, but I'm too scared. I understand why people think it's too distracting at races, but I NEED it hehe

  3. I wear a Fuel Belt with my phone, gels, water and pepper spray in it.
    I have a Garmin and listen to music too but not at races unless it's a really small/secluded one.

  4. I don't carry anything when I run other than my key. Which I know is bad, esp. on runs that over over an hour and a half. : \ Oh well.

    But, I always run with music! I think it's fine during races, some people run with books on tape to keep their pace slow and in check.

  5. I run with massive amounts of stuff and it also feels ridiculous, but somehow necessary? On long runs I have my camelbak, often my phone and camera (depending on where and who I am running with), my garmin, ipod (again, depends if I am running with someone) inhalor, Gus, and I'll also have tissues and sanitizer if there are no bathrooms where I am going! I am pretty dependent on music, which I am trying to change. I did 15 miles with no music and almost no chatting on Saturday, so I felt good about that. I like your idea of one music - less run a week though.

  6. Lol, love the picture!
    I only run with my iphone, thats bad i know, i want a belt but i don't want it to hurt my lulu, priorities :o)
    Now i'm increasing my distances i'll have to invest in a something and i absolutely listen to music its a huge motivator for me to increase my speed

  7. Music is a must for me. I am never without my ipod. Love the picture!! :)

  8. I have to run with music unless I'm running with a friend. It just keeps me pumped up! During my marathon I ran with a friend AND brought my IPOD and kind of alternated. I didn't want to run with it on the whole time, but also didn't want to talk the whole time, so it was great to alternate.

  9. YOU ARE ADORABLE!!! I feel like I am always carrying a million things too. I ALWAYS listen to music except when I am running with friends. I ALWAYS have to have my garmin!

  10. In a perfect world I would run with NOTHING. I hate having to carry things. Since I broke my ipod I run with zero music.

    I don't always remember to run with my license or my insurance card, but I pretty much always have to have a key on me.

  11. Teamarcia- good for you, running with pepper spray! I've been thinking about getting some since the summer, but haven't gotten around to it.

    Alison- I did books on tape last summer! Sometimes I zone out though then realize I don't know what happened for the last couple minutes.

    Alyssa- you go for crazy long runs though! All that stuff is definitely necessary.

    Travelbug- I hear you on not hurting the lulu :) But the inside of my ifitness belt is totally smooth!

  12. Personally, I love listening to music when running - thats my outlet, and, certain songs definitely help me through the harder parts of my runs. I actually have a bunch of songs that match my pace perfectly, and it helps a lot! For all my runs, short or long, I have chapstick and a bottle of water I hold (in addition to my iPod shuffle clipped to my pants). Whether its 4 miles or 12 miles, 1 bottle of water usually is enough (and essential) for me.


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