Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wind and Social Events are Interfering with my Running.

Monday night I went to spinning.  I wore my running shoes and was prepared to run afterward, but the more I thought about it - because of my 8.87 mi long run Sunday, I thought I shouldn't push it by running last night too (in addition to my hour of spinning).

I did come home to do 100 crunches, 100 oblique crunches, a 90 second plank, then some things with 5lb weights: 25 hay balers and 25 "tick tocks" (or so they were called at the abs class I took over the summer).

Plan B:
After making the decision not to run Monday night, my plan was to run Tuesday afternoon, after work but before meeting up with friends from dinner (rescheduled from two weeks ago due to an impending ice storm).  However this afternoon, it sounded like my office was going to get sucked up into a tornado.  I checked the weather only to find a Wind Advisory.

Winds: Sustained North West Winds Generally at 20 to 30 MPH.  Wind gusts up to around 40 to 50 MPH.

Ok, running was out for the night. I can run into the 20s (F), and maybe the teens,  but I don't do gusts of 40-50 mph. 

Just for fun, here's a picture of a snow man our neighbors made last week, and to break up the text of this post.  The warm temps over the weekend destroyed him though.

My plans for the rest of this week were to get in a 35 minute tempo run (switching this week's and last week's speed workouts), and a 3 mile pace run that I never got in last week (because I instead did an easy run with hubs on Friday night). 

Thursday night is looking like potential plans to go out for a friend's big 3-0 after work. I can't turn into the crazy running girl who declines social events to run.

Plan C:
I'm thinking Wednesday I will bring my gym stuff to work with me, and go straight from work to gym in the afternoon. I should have plenty of time to do my 35 minute tempo run, then go to spinning.

I should be able to get in a nice 3 mile pace run before we head off for skiing Friday morning.  After declaring my love of last weekend's warm weather, it looks like this upcoming weekend I'll be giving up this:

for this:

But it will be so worth it for this:



  1. You are my hero for doing all that extra ab work after spinning, usually once I come home from the gym, I'm DONE! Training is so hard on my social life - I'm so sick of people making fun of me for ordering water at happy hour!

  2. I love reading this blog! I got the link from lulumum and I really enjoy it! Anyway I was just telling my mom that jan 1st I was planning on bumping up my runs to at least 4 a week, one being a longer run even though I am not specifically training for anything yet. This weather has been a killer for it, most weeks I have been getting 3ish and it's so annoying. I have kids though so my social life really has no affect on it...just the weather. Good for you on the crunches and all!

  3. I feel your pain with the weather getting in the way of running! Its been real cold here, highs in the single digits...so by the time I have a chance to run I'm lucky if it is in the positive digits before the windchill is even considered. NO THANKS!

    I agree with Alyssa, props to you on the extra ab work. Hopefully this will inspire me to do a little extra :).

  4. Non stop snow here, and the sidewalks are a disaster. Running outside not happening for a while, unless we have a major thaw. :(

  5. Alyssa- makes me wonder if I'm not pushing myself hard enough at spinning!

    Vicky- thanks for commenting! Good luck with your running, spring will be here soon!

    Becky C- I can't even imagine running in single digits! I'm not that tough.

    Becky- Yeah... I find I run in the roads when possible, they are better cleared than the sidewalks.


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