Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Month in Review: October

Let's see what October looked like for me. 
It was a non-training month. 
I tried to maintain regular activity, but also wanted to relax a bit after my 9/19 half marathon.

I don't usually like to include my dog walks as part of my exercise, however, for the first week of October we were dog-sitting and responsible for 3 dogs in addition to our own.  There was an extra dog walk per day.  They are all bigger than our pup and pull on the leash a lot more than she does, and I was responsible for 2 at a time, so for those reasons, I included dog walking in the early part of October.  Really, it should count as strength training because it was quite an arm work out :) 

Time for a Walk!

Kind of lame, I know, but we had heavy rain that week, and the dog-walking was the bulk of my physical activity for that time.  I did not count my regular dog walks for the rest of the month.

All my runs were outside, as I do not currently have a gym membership (I will re-visit that when it gets colder though!)

The Details:

October 2: 7.39 mi bike; 1.3 mi dog walk
October 3: 2.68 mi run

October 4-7: Dog walk @ .66 miles = 2.64 miles
October 6: 2.38 mi run
October 8: 3.25 mi run
(Weekend: Parents visited, stayed with us)
October 10: 1.25 mi walk w/my parents

October 11: 2.75 mi walk w/my mom; 5.27 mi bike ride
October 13: 4.3 mi run
October 15: 1.87 mi run
(Weekend: In-laws visited, stayed with us)
October 17: 2.75 mi walk with in-laws

October 18: 5.17 mi run
October 20: 2.48 mi run w/ hubby
October 23: 30.2 mi bike ride w/hubby

October 25: 2.43 mi run
October 27: 5.05 mi run
October 30: 2.75 mi hike w/hubby & pup
October 31: 6.08 mi run

October Totals:
Running: 35.7 miles
Biking: 42.86 miles
Hiking: 2.75 miles
Walking: 12.34 miles

Recent month's totals (during half-marathon training)-
July: Running 67.09 mi/Biking 36.73 mi
August: Running 63.28 mi /Biking 12.18 mi
September: Running 65.17 mi/Biking 40.14 mi

Now that I've taken it easy for a month or so, I'm going to kick it up a notch.

My goal for November will be 55 miles of running. 

Shoe Update: I have run 107.2 miles in my current pair of running shoes: the Saucony ProGrid Omni 9, since starting to use them August 29th (I only wear them for running - not walking, hiking, or biking).  At around 50 miles/month, these should last me at least through February.


  1. that's so good of you to keep track of your running shoe mileage. i tend to forget when i buy new shoes, wear them out well past 500 miles and not until a body part starts bothering me do i go, "i think i should get new shoes"

  2. Hehe, that was my former method... "hm, I feel like I'm getting shin splints and that doesn't normally happen. Wait, I've had these shoes for 8 months!" I try not to focus on the mileage too much, and pay more attention to any pain (I don't want to stop using shoes prematurely either) - but I like to keep the mileage number in the back of my head.


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