Sunday, November 21, 2010

Try On Report: Lululemon Run: Dash Pullover

I ordered the Lululemon Run: Dash Pullover online to try on.  9 days later, it arrived in the mail.  Its arrival was much awaited as I have two running luon tops from last year, and enjoy them both (the Brisk L/S and the Energy Pullover),

The Dash Pullover is made of Running Luon; it's moisture-wicking, there are anti-stink mesh panels under the arm and on the inside of the arm. Thumbholes and cuffins.  A reflective front zipper; reflective strips on the fore-arms with decorative little ruffle; and reflective zipper on the pocket at the back.

This one is in static coal, in my usual Lululemon size 6.  I found it to fit true to size.

(No, I would not typically wear this with denim-like trousers, but it was a little cool in the apartment when I got home from work and did not feel like putting on running shorts for the photos).

If you want, you can zip down the front and fold over the collar if you get a little warm:

Or you could really unzip the front...but this would cause the excess fabric to flap around like some online reviewers complained about.  I can't imagine unzipping it this far while running anyway... I'm a little surprised the zipper is this long.

Some reviews have also mentioned that this top fits long.  As you could see in the earlier pictures, when worn comfortably, the top hits at the hip on me and I'm 5'2".  It was long enough that I would not worry at all about it riding up as I ran.  The only way I could see this being too long is if you really stretched it out and pulled the bottom hem down.  Then I would be able to get it past my hip and over my butt.

I would never wear it like this.

This would be a more comfortable way to wear it unzipped to cool off, without the fabric flopping as you ran:

Here's another back view to see the "anti-stink circle mesh body mapping."  Those dark zones are the circle mesh.  In addition to the back zipper being reflective, there is a reflective logo at the neck.

Circle Mesh close up:

Here are some detail shots of the ruffle on the forearm.  I like that there is reflectivity on the forearms so that if you chose to layer with a vest for extra warmth, you'd still be visible to cars:

Here's the zipper garage:

And the back pocket:

I'm not really decided on this top... only days after ordering the Dash Pullover, the Run: Alpine Pullover came out.  I ordered it over the phone in the color haze, to compare.  It's made of a warmer material called tech fleece.  It's smooth on the outside, but soft and brushed on the inside, a little thicker than Running Luon (I had an opportunity to try on a top from the same material last year; the Run: Spirit Pullover).  Here's what it looks like:

[source: lululemon banff facebook page]

Assuming the Alpine Pullover fits well; I'd be losing some of the reflectivity that the Dash offers (Alpine has reflective zipper on front neck, back pocket, hood logo).  The Alpine pullover adds a hood and some extra warmth.  The kangaroo pocket isn't exactly functional.

Not sure which I'll end up keeping, or if I'll keep either.  My wallet would not approve of me keeping both...


  1. I can't wait to hear your reviews of the Alpine pullover. I have the Inspire pullover with I assumed was exactly like the dash pullover without the ruffle. But I don't think mine is nearly as long as yours, and the zip doesn't seem to go as far down my chest... interesting. I have been meaning to get a review of the inspire pullover up, but have been kind of a lazy blogger lately :)

    I'm kicking myself for not getting the post run top last week in violet. Maybe they'll have pity and upload more next week.

  2. I like the look of the Alpine, the color and the hood are nice. I do love the reflective ruffle on the Dash...very cute!

  3. I have tried both the Alpine and the Dash pullover and I have to say, I like my inspires soo much better. The dash really didn't do anything for me, and I was so excited about the reflective nature, I do however love the Dash LS top, I own three. The alpine I would have liked without a hood. Maybe I bounce too much, but hoods drive me NUTS running!

  4. Nicole- Maybe I should have tried the inspire pullover... I thought some of the color blocking was busy, but some colors looked better than others. I might like the collar of the inspire better than the dash, I don't know. Those post run pullovers disappeared fast last week! I bet they'll do a Wednesday upload again this week.

    Kathy- I'm looking forward to trying on the Alpine. Deciding might be tough. I really like the ruffle on the sleeves too - it's not too obvious in this color (stood out a little more on some of the solid colors, I think).

    Ojodeazul- Another vote for the inspire! Maybe I should have acted earlier and shouldn't have waited for the Dash to come along. I like the reflective arms though. Some people were really bothered by that back ruffle on the Dash LS, I think it's kind of cute though, it probably wouldn't be too lumpy under a vest while running (which is how I'd wear it). Good point on the Alpine hood- I'll have to try jogging inside with the Alpine on to see if it will bug me too. I don't think I actually have any running tops with a hood.


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