Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: EMS Women's Summit Fleece

About 5 years ago I bought a the North Face Denali fleece.  Because I was a grad student and cheap, and on the short side, I bought a Youth Large instead of a Women's XS or Small.  I got it on sale for about $55 instead of paying ~$165 for the women's fleece.  I have decided that the youth size is a little too boxy for my liking though.

A good friend at work came in with a new fleece from EMS.  She had sent her husband to get her a TNF fleece, and he brought home the EMS version because it was $80 instead of twice that.  I tried it on and I really liked it!!

Here's the EMS Women's Summit Fleece Jacket.  I was able to pick it up while fleeces were 20% off, then there were some extra markdowns bringing it closer to $60.  Sweet deal!  I got in the angora/fossil color combination because I liked that it was different than the usual black.  And I have plenty of dark coats.

I'm on the smaller end of an EMS Small according to their size charts.  Since it's a relaxed fit jacket, I went with the XS.  It fits me well and has been warm on night time dog walks into the mid-to-upper 30s.  As you can see, it's got 2 side pockets and a chest pocket.  There is a drawcord at the waist to cinch it tighter if needed. 

It's made of Polartec 300-weight fleece which is the most heaviest Polartec makes, meant for cold weather activities.  It's very lightweight though.  This fleece is "SYNC-Compatible" so it can snap into certain shells (I don't own any of these shells) if you want even more wind and rain protection.

And: Good news, I was able to sell my (well cared for) North Face fleece on Ebay for a little over $40!  Who knew it would be such an investment :)

I just got an email about an EMS Friends and Family discount through 11/23.  Use the code FANDF2010 for online purchases.  It's 20% off full price and clearance purchases, but there are some brand exclusions.

Also, If you launch your order through Ebates, you'll get an additional 3% cash back.


  1. I brought my husband down to EMS to get The North Face one and he chose the EMS one too. He thought he looked much slimmer in it. I think we got one from last year, which was marked down to 69.99, with an extra 20% off and I used my $25 gear bucks card for a grand total of $38 and change! I was thrilled to get him fixed up a little for such little money. I love your color choice!

  2. Cute jacket! Totally unrelated, but you asked what kind of blender I have on my blog so I thought I'd comment on yours so you would actually see the comment ;) I have a Kitchen Aid blender. It does a pretty good job, although I know the Vita Mixes are supposed to be the best!

  3. i did the same thing! purchased a kids size XL to my knee north face jacket. but ultimately returned it since the kids stuff is just shorter and wider. i've never tried EMS before.

  4. Kathy - that's a great deal your husband got! I saw the women's 2009 version too, but the sizes were limited.

    Brittney- Thank you for the blender feedback :) I've heard Vita mixes are great, but they are crazy expensive! Looking to replace the 6-year old $20 Target Hamilton Beach with something better with ice, preferably under $100 (if it's out there).

    Kathleen- I agree! The sleeves of the fleeces were about the same, but the TNF was very boxy; so wide through the entire torso, probably a couple inches on each side compared with this new EMS one. I hadn't tried EMS brand stuff before this either!

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