Sunday, November 21, 2010

Speed work and Coffee

Since on Thursday night I skipped out on the speed work in my training plan to do a shorter run with my husband, I did my speed work today. 

I had a handful of these before embarking on my run this afternoon.

I like the ruching detail that runs from the neck to under the arm on both sides.

The collar is not too tight when fully zipped, but also not too loose like some lululemon hoodies.

The zippered pocket is great; I use it for keys and ID.
Note the sad little basil plant I am desperately trying to save.
I'm also a little excited to see in this picture that the backs of my shoes are reflective!

I love this top from last winter.  It's made of running luon; has thumbholes & cuffins; circle mesh from under the arm all the way down the side and all the way down the arm; stand-up collar with ruching; ruching along from shoulder to arm pit in the front, and a back zip pocket.  I only wish it had some more reflectivity besides the logo at the back neck.  I bring along my clip-on light just in case.

I was supposed to a mile warm up, 4x[800@4:59, 400 jog], and a mile cool down for a total of 5 miles.  I tacked on a little extra distance in both the warm up and cool down since today really should have been my long run day.
So my 4 intervals that were supposed to be at 4:59 were... 4:53, 5:08, 4:49, and 4:59.  Not too shabby! I'm amazed I did as well as I did on the first one as that was uphill and on large gravel. I don't have an excuse for number two being slow, it was flat or slightly downhill.

I went out at about 4:15 pm, it was 49F and sunny, no wind; and dropped to about 44F by the time I was done around 5:25 (when it was dark).  I got pretty toasty while doing the intervals, needing to push my sleeves up and unzip my collar.  However, this is what my legs looked like when I got home!

Bright red thighs.  Also, knees are funny looking.

When I came inside, I reached into my handy back zip pocket to put my ID back into my wallet.  And my license was not there.  I had a minor freak out.  I checked the back of the couch, the kitchen table, the counter...the limited places I had been in the thirty seconds since getting back from my run.  I could not find it anywhere.  


Was my license sitting somewhere on a trail, not accessible by car, 2 or more miles from my apartment? I knew I had put it in my pocket when I left!  And I was pretty sure I zipped up my pocket (I checked in the above pictures, actually - to make sure the zipper toggle was over to the left).

Then I remembered that only a short ways from my apartment, my two apartment keys (outside door, apartment door) were jangling together, so I took one of the two from my back pocket and put it in my tiny shorts pocket. Could my license have fallen out when I moved keys around?  I grabbed my keys and ran out the door, to right around where I did the key shenanigans.  Luckily only a couple tenths of a mile away.  And PHEW.  My license was sitting there on the side walk, face down, in front of our nearby bakery.  Where it had apparently been sitting for approximately 1 hour and 9 minutes.

I can't believe I had not noticed that it fell out, but at least I was able to find it! Guess that's a perfectly good reason to get something like a Road ID* so I don't have to bring my driver's license with me.  Or, I could have been more careful when I took my keys out.

Relieved to have found my license, when I came again, I fixed up the half-packet of Starbucks VIA iced coffee I had leftover from earlier this week.

Shortly after that, my husband came home from running errands with a Dunkin Donuts nonfat Gingerbread Latte for me!  It was a nice surprise, and my first gingerbread item of the season.

They asked him if he wanted sugar in the lattes... I can't even imagine drinking this sweet latte with EXTRA sugar.  I was pleased with the latte - sometimes I've gotten them and the flavor (pumpkin or gingerbread) has been over the top like maybe they accidentally put an extra pump in. But tonight's was just right.

Ahh, coffee.
I hope everyone had a good weekend!  
I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but at least it's a short week.

* If you want a chance to win a Road ID, check out the Road ID giveaway over at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls.  Contest ends Friday, November 26, and is open to those in the US and Canada.


  1. You are wearing two of my favorite lululemon pieces of all time. The Run fast shorts and the energy pullover. The energy would be the best if it only had an ipod pockect in the back zip pocket and some reflectivity...

  2. Hi RunningOnCoffee - I read LuluAddict's blog a lot and talk with you on there. I'm Lisa, and I'm also a runner. Anyway, is it you that's looking for a Spirit pullover?? There is a pre-owned Spirit pullover on Ebay - size six fruitie tootie!!! I would love to order it, but I'm a broke college runner =) I have toooo much Lulu as it is! If you buy it, blog on it!! I think they are GORGEOUS - sooooo much prettier than this year's Alpine!!

  3. @ojodeazul- I love these pieces too! I agree, the Energy pullover would be even better with reflectivity!

    @Lisa- Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! I would looove to get a Spirit Pullover. It's a great top. Thank you for the heads up -- I checked it out and see that bidding is up to a crazy $132 already!? With 3 days left to go. Think it just got out of my budget too. I did end up ordering the Alpine Pullover, which came in the mail today - I just put up a post about it tonight.


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