Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lazy Morning and 5 mile Rainy Run

Today I had planned on a 5 mile tempo run.  But the forecast was right and when I woke up it was raining, and it was raining hard.

I had off from work today, so I had a lazy morning, and hoped that the rain might let up a little at some point.  I charged up my Garmin and I farted around on the internet for a while.  Then I walked down to the local bagel shop and picked up an Everything Wheat bagel, toasted, with egg and cheese and a small Pumpkin Pie coffee.  It has probably been 3 weeks since I had treated myself to a bagel, so it was about time!

As per usual, Molly was snuggled up on her super comfy dog bed.  She showed absolutely no interest in getting up and going out into the rain.

When the rain let up and I took her for a 15 minute walk.

For my Run, I wore my Black/Senorita Pink Run: Team Spirit Crops, my Zoom Singlet and my Run: Inspire Jacket.  I wore an older pair of running shoes (not totally shot yet) because I don’t want my current ones to get wet and stinky.

I got out the door while the rain had stopped, but it soon began to mist, and then rain harder.  Oh well.  I was able to stay on mostly sidewalks and luckily didn't encounter any big puddles to run through.  This run was supposed to be a 5 mile tempo run, with a mile warm up, 3 miles @ 11:08, then a mile cool down.

Here were my splits:
Mile 1: About .4 miles in I was running at a pace of 10:35...this was supposed to be my warm up!  I made an effort to slow down and running up a hill helped me to do that also.  Overall pace for this mile: 10:59.
Mile 2: 11:06.
Mile 3: 11:02.
Mile 4: 10:49.
Mile 5 + .08 mi: 11:59. Due to user error, I did not get the lap time at 5.00, so I have the 1.08 time. (yeah, my fault).

Overall time: 55:44 for 5.08 miles, Average pace: 10:57.  Avg HR: 174.

This was my first RUN wearing my Inspire Jacket from Lululemon

Overall, I'm pleased with the jacket and the rain beaded up nicely.  I felt like I was staying dry underneath, and I was warm in the 49F & rain.  In fact, a little too warm! Around mile 2, I decided I didn't need the cozy luon cuffs w/thumbholes pulled down to keep my hands warm, and I folded them back.  I was skeptical of the perforations in the jacket when I first got it, but I was able to feel air flow through those regions (inside of the elbows, under arms).

Hood:  I wore the hood cinched a little, and it stayed put.  I still had peripheral vision even with the hood up.  There's a mini visor on the hood that kept the rain out of my face.  Even wearing a high pony tail, the hood fit over my head and the visor of the hood covered my forehead with no problems.  There is some elastic in the hood right before the visor and that helped to keep the hood in place (you can see where it's cinched below).

While the rain stayed out of my eyes, I did notice about half way through the run that maybe the hood wasn't repelling the water so well. This was also when it started to rain a lot harder.  When I got home and took the jacket off, my hair was damp and there was clearly water on the inside of the hood.  The hood is also thinner than the rest of the jacket.  I guess you can't really expect to stay entirely dry when you're out running in the rain for an hour.

Watch slit:  I was able to easily push back the outside layer of the jacket to check my pace.  My watch seemed to stay dry underneath that layer.  I'm so happy to be able to wear my watch in the rain, and have it protected yet easily accessible!!

After my run, I had a nice big bowl of this veggie-bean-pasta mixture and a tall glass of coconut water.  And then a little more of the pasta mixture.

Will post about that recipe later on!


  1. I love lululemon! However, I don't own a single thing from that company. I can't bring myself to spend so much money. The pants I want are over $100.

  2. Funny that I opened your blog tonight because I was pondering whether or not I should run in the rain in my run inspire! Dark, cold, and rainy...ugh. We'll see if I make it out.

    I'm enjoying your blog, thanks for posting!

  3. The rain makes me sleepy and lazy as well! Your breakfast sounds PERFECT :)

  4. Thanks for the Inspire Jacket Review! I may have to get it! I just got the Inspire pullover last week and am in love with the thing.

  5. Michelle- I agree, it is pricey! I have bought much of it on sale (or those crops, for example, on ebay). The jacket really has a lot of great features... I still feel a little guilty for spending that money, but I laid off other purchases for a while to feel better about it :)

    Becky- Thank you! Did you make it out yesterday? The reflective strips really show up well with a camera flash, anyway. I hope I'm just as visible to cars! I did a very winding route through every possible side street in the nearby neighborhoods, so I wasn't on too many busy roads yesterday.

    allieksmith- It was delicious! :)

    Nicole- no problem! I did another little review back on Oct 2 (it's linked in the text above) trying to showcase all of the features, and talk about sizing (since a lot of people have had issues with it fitting in the shoulders) before I actually got a chance to run in it. Glad to hear you like the inspire pullover... I was waiting to see if the Dash pullover was something to be excited about, and how it compares to the Inspire pullover.

  6. Ooh, i love that lulu jacket. So spendy, but they are good purchases.

  7. Sassy- Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with its performance & features. Looking forward to trying it out again in the rain! (luckily no rain in the forecast this week though).


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