Sunday, October 17, 2010

Want. to. run.

While fighting off this cold, I ran 2 miles Friday morning.  I noticed my heart rate was wayyy too high for an easy 2 mile run (hit the 190 mark!). 

 Not Good!

 Maybe I should post the one with elevation to explain the dips in HR. 

Still not good though!  HR should be more like in the 160s for me for this run.

I came home, got ready, thought I'd grab a dose of cold medicine just in case I needed it at work.  While looking at the box, I realized that the night before, I apparently took double the recommended dose.  The kind with pseudoephedrine in it.  Whoops.  Since Thursday night I have not taken any more cold medicine.

Luckily, I am also feeling better by now, and reeeally want to run.  But, my in-laws are visiting, and so I have not had much of a chance to go running this weekend despite the beautiful fall weather, and it's driving me nuts.  They're here til tomorrow morning at some point, and I expect it to be pretty crazy trying to get 4 people ready and out the door tomorrow morning, so I am not anticipating being able to run before work tomorrow.

Yesterday was low to mid 60s and sunny - perfect!  We went to a nearby "living history farm" yesterday because there was a quilting bee of interest to my mother-in-law.  Did not take any pictures of the quilts.  But I did take pictures outside.

We saw some pigs

Some sheep

Pretty fall day!

 Some more leaves starting to change

Just came back from brunch.  Between my husband and I we had eggs benedict with home fries and pumpkin bread pancakes!  Yummm.  This is one of our favorite restaurants, and we haven't had brunch there in a while.  It was fantastic.

Going to go for a walk with the in-laws in one of the nearby parks now; hoping I can sneak out for a run after dinner tonight.


  1. Cool graphs! What program are you using to do that? I'm wanting to get started on some training using HR which I've never done before. What do you use it for in your training?

  2. Thank you! Those are the graphs I get when I upload the data from my Garmin Forerunner 405CX watch to their web-based Garmin Connect (

    I actually received this watch & the HR monitor as a (very nice!) graduation gift. My first thought was "what do I need a heart rate monitor for? I'm not old!" But I used it anyway, and enjoyed the additional data. After reading about HR zones, I realized that I was pushing myself too hard for all of my runs. So I backed off and started doing some runs slower (making sure HR was lower).

    I've had the watch for a year and 5 months now, and using HR as a measure of fitness, I have seen my HR drop from then to now, on comparable runs (i.e. runs of the same pace, distance, similar temperature outside).

    I can't say I've utilized the HR data as much as I could have, but it is interesting information to have. I think I have also learned to better recognize what it feels like for me to be in a good HR zone or if I'm pushing myself too hard (I am now able to usually guess what my HR is, + or - 5ish points). Maybe I will try to post more about this soon!

    Do you have a Heart Rate monitor already?

  3. Thanks for reply! I do own a heart rate monitor which I got as a gift a few years back and sadly have never utilized it. It seemes like it would be the perfect tool for me because I'm more concerned about getting a good workout and my health/fitness than I am about speed...even though I do quite a few races. I guess I'm just not very competitive :).

    You should def do a post about it!


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