Sunday, November 7, 2010

On-Demand Workouts and this week's Long Run

Gigi has posted on her blog how she uses Comcast's On Demand exercise videos.  I did not realize this existed! While I do not have Comcast, I do have Verizon Fios, and much to my excitement, Friday morning I learned Fios has On Demand exercise videos as well.

If you've got Verizon Fios, this is how you can find them: 
Push the OnDemand button--> Browse All--> Free--> Health & Home--> Exercise TV

All kinds of options to choose from-

Friday morning I tried my first On Demand Exercise Video.

I went with 10 minute workouts/AM Standing Abs.  I was a little skeptical of what a 10 minute workout video could do for you.

As you can see from the above description, no equipment was required for this.  I wondered how the heck I was going to work my abs while standing.  Here's a shot of the workout-- I like the countdown timer in the upper left corner.  There is an ad at the bottom of the screen for most of the workout, but what are ya gonna do, it's a free video.

So I did this 10 minute video before going to meet up with a friend for lunch.  After completing it, I felt ok.  But the next morning...Holy Obliques!!  I was sore on my sides from below my rib cage to my pelvic bone.  Clearly it did something!

I bumped up this week's Long Run from Sunday to Saturday.  Nice weather forecasted for both Saturday and Sunday, but I was hoping to maybe join a group run Monday evening - so I thought I'd move up the long run to give me a day off in between.  I left on my run at about 4:45, Temperature was 47-49F.

I wore my Lululemon Brisk LS in faded zap and Run: Zoom crops.
It's a VERY bright top, but I feel very visible in it!

I'm glad I went with the crops because it was cooler out with a little breeze, but I found that at about 2 miles in I had really warmed up and needed to push up my sleeves.  Happy to have that split neck on my top to cool me off too.

My 6 miler was supposed to be at a 12:47 pace.  My splits were as follows:
1: 11:05
2: 12:03 (stopped for traffic to cross the road)
3: 11:22
4: 11:09
5: 11:15
6: 11:19
.18: 13:08 (still running the first .1; walk the last .08)

Total Time: 1:10:38.  Avg Pace: 11:24/Avg Moving Pace: 11:12.  Avg HR: 172.

I brought my mp3 player along for some entertainment and listened the last disc of Chelsea Handler's Are you There Vodka? - the audio version of her book, read by Chelsea Handler herself.  I find that listening to fast music will make me run faster than I mean to.  I experience less of that effect if I'm listening to an audio book while running.  I don't usually bring my mp3 player with me so I can be aware of my surroundings, but I was feeling like a bum  yesterday and needed a little nudge to get out the door.

After my run, I wanted to try more of the 10 minute workouts.  First, I went with Arms with Attitude.  Required hand weights and a stability ball. 

I'm not going to lie.  I'm weak.  I used my 5 lb hand weights, and let's just say that half way through, I wished I had used my 3 lb weights instead... haha.

Next up was the Abs & Back Workout.  No equipment necessary.

This morning I'm feeling these workouts a little bit in my triceps, and a little bit in the muscles between my chest and shoulder, if that makes sense (not sure what those are called).  Some tightness in the stomach, more central/lower abs than obliques.

This morning I watched the ING NYC Marathon live on NBC.  I tuned in around 10:45, so maybe half way through the elites.  I was so excited to see Shalane Flanagan do so well in her first marathon; she placed second (2:28:40).  Was hoping last year's winner,  Meb Keflezighi would medal too - he stayed with the pack up through mile 21, and ended up finishing 6th (2:11:30).  It's crazy how fast the elites can run!!

Also cool to see rescued Chilean Miner Edison Peña running the marathon!  He had not yet finished when I wrote this post.

You can check out Runner's World's live blog coverage of the event from this morning here.

Now I'm off to treat myself to a Starbucks Nonfat Cinnamon Dolce Latte with my coupon for a free drink that came int he mail the other day!  Then battle through the Sunday crowd at the grocery store...  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

What did you do this weekend?
Do you have any experience with On Demand workout videos?
Did you watch the NYC Marathon?


  1. Sadly we don't have direct TV up here. I did watch the NY marathon recap... I always get so emotional watching these types of sporting events on TV. I think it means I'm a real runner, because I can feel what they're feeling :) I was so proud of the USA girl who took 2nd in her 1st ever marathon... amazing!

  2. Love the faded zap Brisk, it looks fabulous on you. That must be perfect for night running. I have the Energy in Tang and it really works well for night time.

    Goal this month is to get at least 50 miles in and enjoy Thanksgiving with my family, as it is my favorite holiday.

  3. I like to listen to books on my ipod too. I find it helps when having to use the treadmill. Right now I have "Pillars of the Earth" and I am about 5 hours in of the 40 hour story!

    I have been following Gigi too, she is doing a great job.

  4. Nicole- I felt emotional watching this morning too! Which is weird, because that's not at all me. I hadn't even heard of Shalane until the Philly Rock n' Roll half which she ran in September (which we both ran...she twice as fast as I...) But it was exciting to have someone to root for since the other female runners I'm familiar with are all pregnant or just had babies! (Paula, Kara, Deena).

    Ojodeazul- Thank you! When I first got it I showed my husband and said "this is so bright, this is going back." I expected him to agree, but he was the one to point out it would be great for visibility. Good luck with your 50 miles! Is your ankle better now?

    Kathy- Wow, that is a LONG audio book! I love Gigi's blogs.

  5. I don't have On Demand, but online I've used a bunch, which sounds similar. They have free and non-free workouts and you can choose different muscle group exercises, or types of workouts like yoga, pilates, etc... It's pretty cool!

  6. I think it is similar! After discovering On Demand, I looked at - and can't find all the same workouts, but some are similar. I also like - It's not so much you doing it along with the video as it is them demonstrating a couple reps of several moves that target specific areas.


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