Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 mi Speedwork Run

This is just a quick running post!  I'm tired (my fault for not sleeping more) and very looking forward to the weekend for a couple days off.

Tonight I did my 5 miles of "Speedwork."  I wasn't home until after dark anyway, but I really stalled and didn't get out the door until about 6:45.

I was supposed to: warm up for a mile, then run [1 mile @10:31, jog for 1/2 mile]x2, then a mile cool down, for a total of 5 miles.

It was 47, a little breezy, and dark. That's right, because now the sun sets at 4:45. Ughhhh. I wore my Inspire Jacket again, for visibility.  Good news, it worked- no cars hit me! :)

Here were my paces:
Mile 1, the warm up: 11:41.  At the .50 mark, I noticed I was at a 10:11 pace and instantly slowed down.
Mile 2: 10:18
.51 mi jog: 11:41
Next Mile: 10:20
.54 mi jog: 11:21
Mile 5, the cool down: 11:15
Last bit, .26 mi: 12:49.

Total Distance: 5.31 miles.  Total Time: 58:59.  Avg HR: 180, yikes! Shoulda cooled down for longer maybe.

Anyway, I was happy that I was able to run those two faster miles at the appropriate pace.  Even though I ended up running up a hill for that first mile (not in my original plan) as I changed my route a mile in to avoid two scrappy little dogs that, for some reason, were off leash and circling their two owners walking them.  I don't care how small the dog is, I don't want to deal with something chasing me!  My choice was hill or dogs; I chose hill.

Somewhere around mile 5, I ran past a man walking his (leashed) dog who said "great job staying in shape." 

Hooray! Thank you, guy-with-dog for the words of encouragement!

I feel like the bulk of my interactions while exercising outdoors have been either a honking horn or something incoherent yelled by a teenager from the passenger seat of a quickly passing car.  One time while riding my bike on the road (in the narrow shoulder) some man yelled "Find a sidewalk!" Thanks dude... what happened to "Shared the Road" !?

Anyone ever hear positive things from others while they are running/biking/walking/etc?

Here's a Runner's World forum on the topic if you want to read some funny things runners report hearing yelled at them. And another article with comments here.


  1. People are usually pretty friendly up here. I know that I always try and smile or say "nice job" to people that I see out exercising. The only time people are grumpy is on the trails when I'm running with my dog off leash (totally legal on State land) I get a lot of stink eyes for "ruining" hikers peaceful tranquil environment. We get spoiled on trails around here because you can hike all day and never see another person. :)

  2. I've gotten chased by numerous dogs while running outside; that's always fun.

  3. One time I got bit by a dog--it was scary! I was out for a run last week while it was snowing and the roads were really slushy, and some guy said, "nice day for a run." I was thinking. . . . uh, not really!

  4. Great job on the speedwork - don't you love that feeling of accomplishment? I agree, I usually get weird or negative comments. Last week I got a full bottle of water thrown at my back! Although, on a different run last week a guy did scream that I scared the sh!t out of him, but then yelled go for the gold! Guess he thought I was competing in the Olympics at 5:30 in the morning in my neighborhood.....

  5. Nicole- there are signs all over here about leash laws, I can't say that they enforce them well though. I once encountered a woman with 3 unleashed labs which she had no control over. I'm not normally concerned about labs, but one of these began barking at me from far away then ran at me, and the woman made no effort to stop her dog. The dog proceeded to jump on me and I did my best to push it down and use a firm voice to tell it no. The woman took her sweet time getting to me and was not very apologetic. On the other hand, I've encountered people who have very well trained off leash dogs; they will call their dog to them when they see me running - and make their dog sit while I pass.

    Michelle-sorry to hear that! Did you have to get a tetanus shot? Someone I know recently was attacked by a pitbull that jumped over a fence while she was walking by. The owner was no where to be found until the police showed up. Luckily she was wearing a knee brace, because that's right where the dog bit her! It bit right through the brace, but didn't get too much of her leg. Scary...

    Alyssa- Thank you! That's CRAZY that someone threw a bottle at you!! That had to hurt! Maybe they thought you were thirsty? hehe.

  6. I have got to buy more clothes with reflective stuff on it. Seriously, almost all of my stuff, especially my winter running gear is all black. With the shorter days coming up and the fact that I love running when there's light snow and therefore low visibility for cars. (I like the crunchy noise snow makes when I run on it.) My husband gets so mad at me.

    But, I don't have to worry about it right this second since it's still warm in mid-November?!! and I've been staying inside doing the elliptical. I keep telling myself that soon I can go run again. I'm so ready to get back outside and really push myself!

  7. Last year was my first year running outside through winter - and I enjoyed running on snow too! (Just not lots of ice). If you don't want an excuse to buy new clothes, you can always pick up accessories like a clip-on blinking light (I got one of these for Christmas last year). A hat or head band is an easy way to add some reflectivity to your running wardrobe.

    And you're right - it's warm here in NJ still too. It's 60 right now (yes, at 11:38pm) in mid-November, it's crazy!


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