Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Easy Peasy

I ran my 2 mile easy run tonight.

I wore my New Balance NBx Adapter L/S  (from Joe's New Balance outlet this spring) and my Lucy Impact Knee Pant (bought last year around this time for Spinning).  These pictures are dark, but I wanted to be sure the flash would go off to show off the reflectivity!

Check out that giant glaring reflective strip down the center of the back!  There are also small reflective strips at the wrists.  There's a tiny little key pocket at the back right of the top.  You can also catch a glimpse of the reflective design on the back right leg of the capris (for most these are probably knee pants; for 5'2" me, the 16" inseam hits below my knee).

This is me simulating running to demonstrate the side-reflectivity.  There's the wrist reflective strip, a small logo at the left hip of the shirt, and a second reflective logo on the front left leg of the knee pant.

The oh-so-attractive bra you can see underneath (just kidding, it's not so hot- but it is supportive!) is the Fiona bra by Moving Comfort.  It is actually very supportive, but it is not racer back, so I only wear it in non-tank weather.  It has 3 rows of hooks on the back and straps adjustable by velcro from the front.  Bad news, if you're cold - everyone's going to know it, if you know what I mean.

Luckily, it wasn't too cold tonight!

In fact, it only got warmer from the time I got home from work until I went out for my run at almost 8pm.  It was warm (58), but a little windy when I set out.  It started to sprinkle a little bit.  Then it started to rain progressively harder throughout the rest of my run. Somewhere around mile 1.5 it was raining at me diagonally, pretty hard.  I was already wet at this point, so there was no reason to head home early - I just finished my short run.

This easy run was supposed to be 2 miles at 12:47.

I ran the first mile at 11:19, the second at 11:01...and the last .43 miles?  9:15.  What!?  That's crazy.  The rain was motivating, I guess.  While it was only just under half a mile, I don't know the last time I moved that fast.  I was pretty excited.

On an unrelated note, does anyone have experience with Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves? (Or similar) I've been reading a lot about compression stuff lately and I'm considering these maybe for my Christmas list - for recovery after longer runs.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I have those exact (pink) Zensah leg sleeves and wear them after every long run and half marathon. I feel they've made a difference in the issues I was having with my calves. Definitely put them on your wish list!

  2. I am interested in the compression stuff as well. My calves are super tight as well. PS. I love that outfit, you look great for a night run.

  3. I love your runnint outfit! I need compression socks...

  4. (Just)Trying- thank you for the feedback! I think these could come in handy for my occasional skiing too; my calves get so tight after spending 6-8 hours in the ski boot stance.

    Ojodeazul & Michelle- Thank you! And I'd love to hear if you end up trying them! I think I will put them on my wish list.

  5. I love the Moving Comfort Fiona bra! The best. I don't have compression leg sleeves, but I've heard that a lot of people really think they're great and helpful.

  6. It is a great bra! Thanks for commenting :)


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