Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Early "Turkey Trot"

Monday night I went to the nearby running store for their 6:30pm group run.  It was super warm; still 54 at 6pm when I left my apartment.

I ate half of this Iced Gingergread Clif Bar on my way home from work, and the rest of it right after taking this picture and right before heading to the group run.  Good flavor!

Next was our fabulous 3.33 mile group run, in 33:56.  I was expecting a somewhat slower pace like the group run I went on two weeks ago (Cut short at 2.14 miles, 11:14 average moving pace). However, this one was much closer to a 10 min/mile pace!  (10:11 average pace; 10:02 average moving pace).  I was one of 6 runners.  I was definitely not one of the fastest there (and at least 2 of them had just recently run full marathons), but it was nice being pushed to run at this pace slightly faster than I'm used to running.

Click to Enlarge

The splits were:
1- 10:11
2- 10:14
3- 10:19
4- 9:39 (last .33)

As you can see, I hit the 3.1 mile mark at 31:43.  That's an average 10:12 pace. (That doesn't look right based on the above numbers, but I used the Cool Running pace calculator).

That's pretty stinkin' close to the goal time I was working toward if I were to run a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot with 5 full weeks of training (31:27, 10:07 pace) or 4 full weeks of training (31:46, 10:13 pace).

I had been holding off on signing up for a Turkey Trot to see what the weather would be like, but after Monday's run I decided not to sign up for a Turkey Trot. I was pleased with my quick run and felt that I was able to keep up because of the training plan I'd been using for the last 5 weeks.  What's the point of paying $27, getting an over sized t-shirt that hits at my knees and trying to do it again Thursday morning, when I just did it Monday night.  Not to mention, I was able to sleep in til nearly 9 on Thanksgiving morning!

And so, I will say 31:43 was my unofficial 5k Turkey Trot time culminating the past 25 days of my training.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. I was debating doing a little 5km turkey trot this morning but figure it isn't the best idea with all the ice and cold weather.

  2. Heading out to run a Turkey Trot in California with hubby and friends. A little chilly here. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  3. Great time. I'm going to run on my own this afternoon for my Turkey Trot. We volunteered at a race this morning and got a t-shirt for free! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great run!! That is so awesome:) I have been meaning to try that flavor of Cliff so I think I will now! I love that you posted your stats graph....we runners love numbers!

  5. Thanks for the comments! Not as fast as I *have* been, but it is an improvement over even a month ago, which I'm happy about!

    Ojodeazul & (Just) Trying- hope your Thanksgiving runs went well.

    Michelle- good thing you didn't run, so you could save your legs for the marathon!! (And not break any bones by falling on ice).

    Hungry Runner Girl - try it out! I want to find more Clif Bar flavors I like.


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