Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Try On Report: Lululemon Run: Alpine Pullover

As I mentioned a couple days ago... I ordered the Lululemon Run: Alpine Pullover in haze.  This is in my usual lululemon size 6. This top again fits true to size, in my opinion.

The Alpine Pullover is made of a moisture-wicking tech fleece.  It features a snug-fitting scuba hood with slit to "set your pony tail free."  There is a kangaroo pocket in front with a hidden key pocket (more on this later), and a zip pocket in back.  The neck zipper and the back pocket zipper are reflective, as well as the logo on the hood.  This top has thumbholes and cuffins to keep your hands toasty without gloves.  There is circle mesh for venting under the arms.

modeled with my Old Navy running shorts in Carbon.

Check out the pony tail slit:
(And view of both reflective zippers)


With the hood down.


So you can see the circle mesh under the arms:

Detail shot of the pleated (static haze?) luon trim on the kangaroo pocket.

More static luon on the cuff:

Puckered static luon on the shoulders.  This provides a little stretch in the shoulders if needed.

When the neck is unzipped, there's circle mesh underneath:

Some more detail shots...

When I was trying on this top, I noticed a strange little rectangle outline on the inside.

Turns out, if you look inside the kangaroo pocket, there's a little (secure?) circle mesh key pocket.  The fabric overlaps in the center of this little key pocket; there is no zipper. 

 The key pocket is oriented on the diagonal inside the kangaroo pocket.  It measures 3.25 x 2.25.  You could fit your license or credit card in there if you stretch the fabric a little.

Close up shot of the hood.  The hood is also fleecy inside, and has that static haze luon trim.  You can see the optional pony tail slit.

On some other Lululemon tops (Inspire Pullover, Dash Pullover) there have been concerns about the back pocket not being tacked down on the inside. The back pocket on the Alpine Pullover is made of circle mesh and is sewn at the bottom and on the sides, but not on the top.  There are no rough edges, so I don't see this being a problem (in this picture, the bottom of the pullover is on the top). Also, I'd likely wear this over something, even if it's just a tank top.

Here's a picture to show off some of the different textures of the fabric on this top.

And if you've never experienced cuffins before, here's what they're all about.  Say your hands get chilly, even though they're already in those cozy cuffs with thumbholes. You would just pull at the little seam that goes across the back of the wrist, and pull the fabric over your hand.

Voila: Cuffin hand.

Some measurements based on the size 6:
  • From the underarm to the bottom hem along the side (no side seam to measure along, but I just measured straight down) is 17."
  • Underarm to the cuff (while cuffins not in use) is 22.5."
  • Shoulder seam to shoulder seam across the back (unstretched) is 14."
I was concerned that the kangaroo pocket would bag out, but it laid surprisingly flat.  The Alpine Pullover isn't as "boxy" as I was expecting it to be after reading some opinions of it on the lululemon facebook page.  While it is not the Spirit Pullover from last year (that I really loved but disappeared before I could re-order in the proper size) I'm thinking I like it!


  1. I like this a lot on you! How much colder weather do you think you could run in this compared to the dash? Thanks for another great review :)

  2. This looks great on you!

  3. I just got mine in the mail too. It feels so heavy...like it weighs a lot. I can't see myself running in something like that, especially when there are other brands that make super warm and light-weight jackets like GoLite and real running brands. What did you think?

  4. Nicole & ojodeazul- thank you! I think I got a little more excited about this one than when I tried on the Dash pullover.

    Nicole- I have to think about how cold it would be good for... somehow we've had a very mild fall in NJ so far and I haven't run in anything below about 40 yet. I think on longer runs, I'd probably wear this into the low 30s/upper 20s (not super windy) with just a tank or tee underneath. I like to be cooler when I run though. I don't know that I ran in temps much cooler than that last winter. I'll have to get back to you on that!

    Anon- I agree, it is heavy... I weighed it and it's 15 ounces, compared with my Marmot power stretch fleece (with no hood, no pockets, etc.) that weights 7.9 ounces. http://marmot.com/products/wms_power_stretch_half_zip_88440

    I'm not sure if the weight bothers me or not though. I'll have to pretend-jog through my apartment to test it out :)

  5. Thanks for the feedback. I need to check out that marmot top :)it may be going on my Chirstmas list.

  6. Love the top! There are so many fun things on it!!

  7. I love this top! I have it and am now searchign for another one. I've worn it in 21 degrees with a cold north wind and stayed warm. I paired it with a sports bra first, then the lululemon cool racerback tank top. It truly is a cold weather top.

  8. Whoops, I never responded to Michelle- I love that lululemon makes so many fun features on their stuff! If only it weren't so pricey...

    Running Family- I'm really liking this top now that I've had more opportunities to wear it too! I wrote about it after wearing it in 27 + windy here: http://running-on-coffee.blogspot.com/2010/12/nike-brushed-thermal-running-tights.html

    Last week I wore it with a lightweight long sleeve shirt underneath, and I was great on my low to mid 20s long run.


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