Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Hike

Despite going to bed before midnight last night, I slept in insanely late (nearly 10 am) – I guess I racked up a bit of sleep debt from earlier this week!  It was a busy week at work and I had a couple of really long days.

For breakfast, my husband made buckwheat pancakes with walnuts + OJ and Coffee.  It probably would have involved some kind of fruit, except we really need to get to the grocery store, as we are out of fresh fruit.  (We have frozen stuff, but it’s not the same.  I prefer to use that for smoothies).

It was a nice day, sunny and mid 50s.  We decided to take our pup (Molly) to a park about half an hour away for a hike.


It was 2.75 miles but hilly (well, really just one big hill.  It’s referred to as a mountain, but I’d say it’s a small one) with a lot of switchbacks.  It took us an hour and a half with a couple stops for water and to say hi to other dogs.

hike elev

By the time we were done with our hike, it had become more overcast.  Not the best lighting for photos:


We really wore Molly out!


She sleeps a lot usually, but this is about all she’s done since we got home at around 6pm (that’s over 5 hours at this point)-


Once we got home, we treated ourselves to the bottle of Southern Tier Pumking in our fridge, that was so highly recommended to me by Brittany from Eating Bird Food and Ojodeazul (and I’m sorry if I’m leaving out anyone else who had mentioned it!).


It was fantastic!  While I enjoy beer, I am no connoisseur, and no expert at describing it “properly.”  But I loved how it smelled like spices up front, and it was a little hoppy-but not too much, then a nice pumpkin taste!  I think splitting the bottle between us was probably just the right amount since it is sweeter.  I’d definitely have it again though!

And as it’s down into the 40s right now (ok, not really that cold, I know) we thought we’d use the fireplace for the first time this fall.  Ok, maybe it was still a little warm out for the fireplace.


What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Love the fall theme - beautiful fall scenery, pumkin(g) beer, and a fire in the fireplace. What park was that? Very pretty! Happy Halloween!

  2. i hope your buckwheat pancakes came out well. i have been meaning to try a version of them for oh, months now. still haven't bought that buckwheat flour...

    i was just telling my husband that we should try to make it out for a hike.

  3. So glad that you tried the Pumpking. It is super sweet. If you liked it but wanted something less sweet, I believe based on your running maps you live near Princeton. The Triumph brewery on Nassau street has AMAZING pumpkin beer that you can get in a growler. I love their beer too,

    I went for a nice 5 miles run in a local park yesterday and today we have lots of friend/family obligations, so no time for any fitness...

  4. Kathleen- we use the New Hope Mills buckwheat pancake mix (it's at Wegmans). They are good, and filling!

    Ojodeazul- good eye! I am near Princeton :) I know you said you used to live in Philly - are you in NJ now too? Haven't been to Triumph in a while, but they do have good beer! I don't get there that often because I think the food is a little overpriced for what it is. I do have a growler from Victory brewing (PA) that I could bring to get filled up! I had the family thing going on 2 weekends earlier this month, it's been nice to have a couple weekends to do our own thing.


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