Monday, August 16, 2010

Budget running shorts

Unfortunately, these running shorts are no longer available, but as they make up a good portion of my running shorts, I'm going to mention them anyway.  A couple years ago, Old Navy offered fabulously cheap running shorts complete with a liner and a little key pocket inside the front waist band.

Back view of Old Navy womens running shorts, circa 2008-2009
I have a pair in Carbon and Cabot cove that I picked up for $7.50 each in January 2009 (I know the exact names for colors and the date because I ordered them online and it was still in my email).  That's the upper left pair and the lower left pair, respectively.

Prior to that (probably the previous fall or summer?) I got a pair of the same shorts in solid black, and green with white edging (right side).  I think the original retail price for these shorts was $15.  Not bad at full price either.

These were my first "real" running shorts... meaning they were short shorts and had that built in liner.  When I first started running I wore mesh shorts with a nice wide waist band (that I still have) probably from Target?
Here's the front view, complete with my notes on the blue pair.  I accidentally threw a little tub of Blistex DCT lip balm in with the laundry and it left fantastic spots on some pieces of clothing in that load, including these shorts.  I tried treating the stains multiple times and they never came out. I still wear the blue shorts anyway.

Old Navy stopped making running shorts for a while, which was disappointing, (and also probably around the time that I transitioned to the much more expensive Lululemon running shorts), though I see they currently have a different version available online:

Old Navy Women's Running Shorts (3") in Carbon
You can find them online here for a very reasonable $15.  Use your Old Navy/Gap/BR card on a Tuesday and get them for 10% off, or keep your eye out for the bazillion other promotional codes Old Navy sends out.  Get an extra 2% cash back off your Old Navy purchase when you launch the site through Ebates (I like finding ways not to pay full price online).

These shorts are definitely worth a shot if you are looking for some budget running clothing.  I have never experienced any 'chafing' with these shorts and they do wick sweat effectively.  They have never looked wet from sweat after a long run.  They are really lightweight and comfortable to wear, though they do have an elastic waistband  with drawstring (no wide waist band like lulu shorts).   Even so, I don't find that the waist band is unflattering on me.

I'm not a huge fan of Old Navy's sports bras (not supportive enough) or tanks (mostly cotton), but I do recommend their running shorts!

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