Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lululemon Run Fast Short

Today I got the new Lululemon Run Fast shorts in the mail.  Woo hoo!  I ordered them last Thursday, they shipped the same day, and here they are 6 days later (I guess 5 Fed Ex days).  That's about how long it usually takes me to get my Lululemon orders.  Anyway...

Lululemon Fast Shorts, Black, Style # LW7600S

Back View
Here is the description from the Lululemon website:

  • Meet your new runnng partner…the ultimate weightless run short!
  • Swift is wicking, quick drying, light weight & breathable with 2-way stretch
  • Soft wicking coolmax® liner
  • Buttery soft luxtreme™ wicks away your sweat!
  • Anti-stink mesh for ventilation in high sweat areas
  • Secret key pocket on inner waistband
  • Extra leg room! built for maximum mobility & all body shapes
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
My first impressions: I'm happy that the text on the waist band is continuous!  There's a seam at the left side, but that's not going to be too visible while wearing.  

The "lu" kinda blends in with "lululemon"
 These shorts are very lightweight.  I love circle mesh because it is so lightweight.  Circle mesh is at the sides and on the back right underneath the waist band. The item description mentions luxtreme, but I'm not really sure that I notice any luxtreme on these.  The parts that are not circle mesh are the lightweight soft swift material very much like my old black Speed Shorts from last summer (not the current Speed Shorts like my white/wish blue ones, which seem to be a stiffer material).  

I immediately looked for the "secret key pocket" on the inside of the waist band and found it at the left side seam.
Secret Key Pocket to the right of the hang tag plastic

The pocket is much smaller than I expected, but I usually only stick a single key in my shorts pocket anyway.

Here are a couple pictures of the shorts being worn. I ordered them in my usual Lululemon size, and found them to fit true to size.  The waist band does not dig in to your waist. They are low to mid rise. My shorts have about a 8.5" rise, they come up to a couple inches below my belly button.

If you do not like how Lululemon's Speed Shorts or Ultra Shorts are cut a little high on the outside of the thigh, then you might like these as they are cut straight around the leg opening.

These are only for those that like short shorts- the inseam is pretty short. 
I measured my size 6 shorts and found them to have a 2.5" inseam. 

 The rip out tag.  The only downside to these shorts is that they were made in China. Wah wah...

Can't wait to use these shorts; I will have to report back after I run in them!


  1. Great review these are my new favorites, and I am happy to see that someone else gets mad when things are made in China!

  2. Thank you! These are becoming a favorite of mine too, now that I've worn them for a few runs. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who is bothered by things being made in China too!

    I've included it in online reviews before (just an objective "Made in China", amongst a list of features - I have left out my opinion), and that part has been edited out! (Lululemon and Lucy). I'm surprised by this when their usual defense is that it doesn't matter where clothes are made; they use factories that treat the workers well, etc.

    I do try to pay attention to it on clothing labels, but unfortunately I think my desire for comfy running shorts wins. I have returned sweaters I bought online when I receive them and they look cheaply made to me, and it turns out they are made in China. I know I shouldn't support it, but I have kept lulu items that have been made in China: these shorts, flashback hoodie, cozy up hoodie, speed shorts...

  3. Hi there! I just discovered your blog! I know, I'm slow. =) Just wanted to say the Fast shorts look great on you! They are definitely my new favorites, I bum around in them at home too. Very versatile and money well spent me thinks.

  4. Welcome to my little blog! The fast shorts are so comfy, I really do enjoy running in them. I ordered a second pair (in coal) last week, it's just taking forever for them to arrive (should come on Monday). Can't really complain though since it's free shipping!


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