Sunday, October 31, 2010

a Thanksgiving 5k?

It's been 6 weeks since my half-marathon.  I'm starting to think about what kind of race or event to do next.

Last year, we were back in my hometown for Thanksgiving, and ran in a Turkey Trot there. The Turkey Trot had a 2.5 mile or 4.4 mile option, and almost 2300 participants between the two events.

I ran the 2.5 because I didn't want to "push it" by running a 4 mile race and be one of the last people to finish.  It's run by one of the former cross-country coaches from the district in which I went to school, so there are a lot of fast runners and cross-country alum (I don't fall into either of those categories).

My longest run as of when I registered last October had been nearly 4 miles. If you told me last October that in one year, I would have run 2 half marathons, I would have thought you were crazy - !!

Anyway, this year, we're sticking around our place for Thanksgiving, and visiting family at Christmas.  I don't know of any big races over winter break there, so I'm looking into a fun Turkey-Trot kind of event around here.

It looks like there are 2 events near us - one being a cross country run in a very nearby park sponsored by a high school sports team ($20), and another in the next town over run by a church ($27).  I'm inclined to go with the one that's closer, but concerned about sloppy weather making for a muddy run.

Because of all this longer-distance running and warmer weather, I got sloooow, even for short distances.  I need some help getting a little faster (for me) again.

I used my favorite Smart Coach to make a couple "plans" for me if I decide to run a 5k.

Here's one based on 4 weeks:

And another based on 5 weeks:

Smart Coach seems to think the extra week will help me shave :06 off of my pace. 
My last, well -- my only -- 5k finish time (July 2009) was 30:39.

There's no way I can run my easy runs at a pace of 12:47 without a lot of effort to be that slow, or without a little walking mixed in.  I think for my half training, ~12:06 was my slow pace, and that was tough sometimes.

While I got slower, I at least I know I have the endurance to go longer distances, and to be out for 2 hours at a time, for whatever that's worth.  Anyway, I have started using the above training plan for my running 0 whether I sign up for a Turkey Trot or not.

Have you ever done a "turkey trot"?  
Are you currently signed up for any events (Turkey or not)?

PS, Happy Halloween!


  1. I do a Turkey Trot every year, but usually just walk with the family. This year I trained hard to do a sprint triathlon and injured my hamstring so it looks like I will be walking again. Ours is pretty casual with lots of walkers, so even if I was running slowly I would not have been last.

    I get the whole family to participate and the entry is $10 and a bag of food with at least 10 items. It is a great way to start out a day of eating! I highly recommend the Turkey Trot because it really is a nice way to start the day. You will do fine with all your training! 3 miles is just a short stretch of the legs for you!

  2. I did a turkey trot last year! It was a 10km race and I did it with my little bro. Our plan was to run it TOGETHER but he took off sprinting at the beginning. I caught up with him at the 9km mark and passed him, lol. I was kinda peeved he didn't stick with our plan so my revenge was beating him.

  3. @Kathy- Sorry to hear you hurt your hamstring! $10 + food is a nice reasonable entry fee. Thanks for the encouragement- the mileage will be ok, I just hope I can get a little faster!

    @Michelle- 10k is a nice turkey trot distance! Glad you were able to beat your brother in the end! haha


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