Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BareMinerals & an On Demand workout

I like bareMinerals matte foundation and I ran out of the one I purchased nearly a year ago (yes, while it looks expensive it lasts that long! for me, anyway).  I re-ordered some from drugstore.com and with my order came a "10 day sample" of their regular foundation, as well as a travel brush.

This is what came:

I like the tiny container the sample foundation came in.  I think I may be able to refill it once it's empty though, and that would be great for travel! You know, save me 3/4 the space of the regular container.  Yeah, it sounded like a good idea at first, then I realized it doesn't actually save that much space.  It's  not like bringing the tiny foundation would allow me to pack an extra pair of shoes :)  BUT, it could be handy for throwing in a tiny bag/clutch when going out. 

And I didn't expect the travel brush to be so tiny! Not sure how well it will work.  It's kinda cute though.  I just wanted to share.

Today was a crazy, non-stop day at work.  I think I was at my desk for all of 10 minutes, and my back-to-back-nonstop-meetings, etc. resulted in my lunch being a 3pm bagel leftover from a staff breakfast this morning.  Then I ran errands after work and didn't get home until 7.  

So I didn't really feel like heading back outside once I did get home.  It was probably good to take a day off from higher intensity workouts anyway since yesterday was spinning and the day before was a 6.15 mile run.

Today's workout was courtesy of exercise TV OnDemand...
1. Rock Hard Abs? (~10  minutes)
2. Arms with Attitude (~13 minutes)
3. Bootylicious Buns 2 (~11 minutes)
4. a 1-minute plank

I realized during one of the ab moves that where my left leg connects to my hip makes a weird noise while sitting on the floor, sort of reclined, and attempting to raise my leg.  That can't be good... it's not painful, but maybe I need to stretch it or something.  Honestly, I expected more crunches from the Abs session, but maybe I will take that back come tomorrow morning.

Arms with Attitude - I have done before and mentioned it here and here.  I used my 3lb weights as I have no upper body strength.

And it was my first time with Bootylicious Buns.  Lots of squats and some kicks and some jumps that startled the pup who was, of course, napping - 2 feet away from this commotion, but not bothered enough to move.

Tomorrow, I will run.

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