Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogging Slacker.

I'm such a slacker!  With blogging, anyway.  Since Wednesday, when I last posted, I did the following:

1 hour bootcamp class. Despite last week's soreness, I returned for more this week. I like it!

Made oatmeal butterscotch cookies to bring to Christmas party.

4.66 mile run in 45F. Inaugural wearing of the Dash Crop. They get a big thumbs up. The higher rise really keeps them in place while you run.

Lululemon Run: Dash Crop in coal/haze, Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech L/S, 
TNF Momentum Vest, Lululemon Run: Brisk Earwarmer (around neck).

3.38 mile run in 59F(!) +
I played far too much Wii bowling, tennis and boxing with my husband (proud to report I KO'ed him way more than the other way around, AND I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel it in my shoulders tomorrow, is that lame?)  + 
I made pumpkin carrot bars that I will write about tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. I used to love the Wii! Then got bored with it and sold it. Now I kinda regret it.

  2. Hey, Running do you size down in the luxtreme crops? I wear a size 6 in everthing else but buy a 4 in the crops (empower & inspire).

  3. Michelle- We just got it a couple weeks ago on a Cyber Monday...or Tuesday...promotion. That is our Christmas present to eachother (plus hopefully some skiing in January or February). Anyway, hopefully we won't get bored of it too quickly!

    Ojodeazul- I wear a 6 in all my lululemon bottoms including these. I do experience a little slipping down on my Zoom & Team Spirit crops occasionally, but not until I've started running. I had never thought to try sizing down. My higher rise things stay put much better (Spirit tights, and these Dash crops).

    Thanks Lulumum!


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