Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heading North

The verdict from last night's On Demand videos?

Today I'm feeling the effect of Bootylicious Buns 2 the most.  Arms/shoulders a little less, and Abs the least.  I definitely could have done many more crunches in addition to the workout before feeling it.

Wednesday was another long nonstop kind of day at work.  I was all psyched to run once I got home, but while driving home I felt like someone hit me with a tired stick.  I felt like I had to work really really hard to keep my eyes open!  No idea what happened, but I relaxed on the couch a little bit, and ran later.

I had a good 3 mile run though.  I enjoyed checking out the Christmas lights in the neighborhoods behind us and smelling the smell of a fire in the fireplace or a wood-burning stove.  I tried really hard to keep the pace easy and to keep my heart rate down and I think I did a pretty good job, if I say so myself.  No walking needed to keep my HR lower, but I did have to stop a couple times for traffic (only for a few seconds) to cross the road.

Check it out! Avg HR of 158, max 171.  Or, on average 80% of my max HR.  Or based on "zones" an average of zone 3.2. I'm pretty happy with this since I went up and down hills (I would have posted the elevation map too, but it was too busy looking).

I may not be posting so much over the next week as we head further north for Christmas.  It is even colder up there than it is here.  I can say I have adapted to 25-35 degree running finally.  For example, during tonight's run it was 35, but 24 with windchill. Balmy.

NJ forecast:

Further North forecast:

Western NY, A.K.A. ...the North Pole.
Our rule of thumb is that it's typically 10 degrees colder up there than it is here.

Brrr... that paired with the many inches of snow already on the ground.  I am not going to be able to get away with wearing jeans and ballet flats sans socks, like I might here. I need to pull out the boots.  Speaking of that... I need to finish packing still.

We are bringing our skis with us hoping to make it out at least once!  There's a decent mountain nearby (well, small compared to many in the NE, but bigger than anything the Poconos offer).  It's about 45 minutes from where we'll be staying and it's the mountain I learned to ski on.

I'm also hoping I'll be able to get out and run a couple times...To equip me for colder runs, I will be bringing:

Hopefully I stay warm enough and don't turn into an icicle.
    In case I don't post again before this weekend... Merry Christmas!


    1. Have fun up north, and enjoy the holidays!

    2. Thank you! I somehow went to a colder/snowier location and missed the huge snow storm here last weekend!


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