Friday, December 17, 2010

Nike Brushed Thermal Running Tights

Thursday I went for a run, as I said I would Wednesday night.  A 6.15 mile run, to be exact!  It was a whopping 27 degrees with 10 mph winds when I headed out.  While I wasn't super excited about the cold, I was very happy to finally have a chance to run in my Alpine Pullover.

^ Molly wanted her ears to be in the picture.

Underneath the Alpine Pullover, I wore one of my C9 (Target) short sleeve tech shirts. I wore my Smartwool glove liners (with my thumbs through the pullover's thumb holes underneath).  I also broke out the Nike brushed thermal running tights for the first time this winter. But more on that in a minute.

I was pleased with the Alpine Pullover, overall.  In similar weather I might wear a long sleeve shirt underneath instead because especially when running across an open field I could really feel the wind on my arms.  The hood moved around a little bit while using the pony tail slit.  When my hair was inside the hood, it filled the hood up better and the hood moved around less. I tried adjusting my pony tail higher mid-run to help keep the hood in place, which did work.  Next time I might wear my ear warmer underneath to provide a little more warmth to the top of my forehead and maybe provide the hood with something to grip on to.

I'm beginning to wonder if I have a tiny head. (Tommy Boy: I got a tiny head?)             Listen to I got a tiny head?     from Tommy Boy
I was cold for the first half mile to 3/4 of a mile and questioning whether my run was a good idea.  However, I soon after warmed up (but never got hot).  In slightly warmer weather (just above freezing) I usually get really warm and end up taking my gloves off a mile or two in, or unzipping my top a little -- not yesterday!  I was comfortable, temperature-wise, with all that I was wearing for the rest of the run. 

Now, on to the tights.  I can't technically call this a review, because I have no idea what these tights are called... But these are running tights that I bought at the end of winter in 2009 from the local running store.  As winter was ending, there was a huge markdown on winter running clothes, so I picked up my first pair of running tights.

Here is the fleecy inside of these tights:

They feature a handy zip pocket on the back:

Like Lululemon's running bottoms, these have a continuous drawcord:

And also like Lululemon's bottoms, these feature the "gusset" (triangle in the crotch) :

There is a reflective strip at the zipper on both ankles.  Also, grippy material on the inside of the cuffs so they don't ride up.  The only thing I'm iffy about on these is the zipper.  It would be great if they were just stretchier at the ankle because when they're zipped down all the way it's sometimes a little snug on my ankle.  If it feels snug, I'll unzip them just a little bit, but then I worry about the zipper scratching me.  It's not a huge deal, just a minor annoyance.  While I will readily admit to having huge calves for my size, I by no means have cankles.

Overall these tights are great! And even better considering I was able to pick them up on sale for something like $45 (down from around $70? I can't remember).  They are 88% Polyester/12% Spandex and made in Cambodia.  They are great for wearing when the temperatures are below freezing (above freezing I'll wear my Lululemon Luxtreme tights).  I like the zip pocket, the drawstring, and the reflective strips at the ankles.  While the waist band is not a big wide one, it is still comfortable, doesn't dig in, and doesn't slip down while you run (It didn't move a bit on my 6.15 mile run).

My plan for the weekend?

I'll do some arm weights and crunches tonight, and maybe find a quick video on Exercise TV.  Then probably a short run and a long run on Saturday and Sunday.  Highs of 36 and 37 this weekend, so it doesn't matter when I run.

Luckily, I thiiink all my Christmas shopping is done, so now I just have to wrap things!

What's everyone else up to this weekend?


  1. Nike and thermal you are speaking my language! Great review! It's a birthday party weekend here. :)

  2. Awesome run on a Thursday, that is my goal run for tomorrow! I think I may try out my alpine pullover with my outward bound pants. (no matter what I wear, my thighs turn bright red). Glad to hear that you like the alpine.

  3. Thanks for the review...these look great. I'm all about the extra pockets! Brrrrrr! I ran outside tonight and thought it was sooo cold...don't know what it was but couldn't have been lower than 35...I've become such a wimp since leaving Colorado and moving to Oregon.

  4. Loved the review! I won't those now:) Another thing to the Christmas list. Great run! I want a toaster over so so bad!

  5. Loved the review! My bro works at a Nike store (he adores it there) and therefore I get the family discount and have acquired quite a few items. I have just one pair of the fuzzy lined tights and find them quite useful in the nast weather.

    I just picked up the Nike Pegasus GTS shoe made with gortex which is supposedly waterproof. I'm hoping they will also keep my feet warm in the bitter cold. I don't know why I hadn't thought of looking for waterproof running shoes before...hopefully they'll come in handy in the spring when puddles are everywhere...not that spring is anywhere in sight.

    I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now but I don't always thanks for writing!

  6. Teamarcia - thanks! :) Your birthday or someone else's?

    Ojodeazul- thanks! Hope you have a good run today. I took a day off from work, that's how I was able to fit in the 6 miles :) I should try on those Outward Bound pants... my bank account would probably prefer that I didn't though. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who turns colors in the cold.

    Amanda- I don't think I've run much when it's below 25 out. I am also a huge wimp. I lived the first 22 years of my life in Western NY where it is much colder and snowier than Central NJ, so I should be able to take the cold!

  7. HRG- A toaster oven would revolutionize the way I eat my leftovers...haha

    Becky C- This is my only pair of fuzzy tights! Luckily winters are not too bad here; if we move further north though I'll probably need to invest in a second pair. I need to remember to check out Nike's offerings more. I think their quality has improved and their prices are more affordable than lulu. I'd love to hear what you think of the gortex shoes - I can definitely feel a breeze in the mesh part of my current running shoes. And I remember stepping in slush last winter. Thanks for the nice comment! :)

  8. @Running - the outward bound pants were a total surprise like for me. I bought them on a whim. They hemmed them and kept the drawstring in them, which I loved. They are soo comfy, but I did size up for my "athletic" thighs. They were sking tight in my normal 6.

    I wore them and my alpine today for 7 miles and was way too hot! Should have just worn my inspire.

  9. Ojodeazul- Would the outward bound pants be appropriate for other outdoor things besides running (i.e. walking the dog)? I hope they're still available to try on after Christmas!

  10. Wow, I am so glad to read these reviews about Nike Brushed Thermal workout tights. This pair truly looks wonderful to me. I also have to buy new tights for running sessions and I think this pair would be just perfect for that. Will surely buy these from Nike outlet!


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