Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Remember last night I said what my workout plan was for the weekend?

Well I didn't do that.

Shortly after posting, my husband got home from work and said he wanted to go for a jog, so I went with him.  It was a hair over 2 miles at an easy pace.

After our yog, I worked on the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle.  That is one tough puzzle.  Every week.  And I was very pleased to make it this far, without any outside assistance (asked the mister about a couple of them-- but we did not cheat and google anything). I think this is a record.

We split this bottle of Troegs Mad Elf (delicious!) and I wrapped some of my Christmas gifts.

Today was a lazy morning. I stayed in my pajamas til lunch time. Or after, actually.  I had coffee, eggs, wheat toast, and a banana for breakfast. Me and the Mr. played a little Wii Mario Brothers.  Then we took the dog on a ~35 minute walk.  Which apparently wore her out, because this is what she did for the rest of the day. 

She is donning her super cool cabled neck warmer that I knitted for her.

Actually this is not that unusual for her on any typical day.  

This is why greyhounds are great apartment dogs.  Despite their racing background, they do not require a lot of running or exercise.  Molly likes to instead spend her retirement sleeping or snuggling with us, with about 2 minutes of eating squeezed in there somewhere.

Lunch was leftover salad with grilled eggplant, artichokes, and tomatoes and a chunk of bread from dinner last night.  Not to mention the handful(s) of peanut butter pretzel nuggets I grabbed while walking through the kitchen a couple times.  They are my weakness. And a cup of tea.

We had a productive evening of running errands: grocery shopping, housewarming gift for brother-in-law and fiancee, got a thing that's supposed to block the draft under our front door, a timer for our Christmas lights that actually works, checked out the Borders that is sadly closing (totally unorganized and chaotic), got a Christmas gift for other brother-in-law, got dog food (Molly Waffles is happy about that one).

After coming home, I played a little Wii bowling and broke a new record (pretty awesome, I know).  Check out that game:

Then I played Wii baseball and tennis with hubby. It was my first time playing baseball, I'm amused that there are only 3 innings.  I apparently can't throw a pitch above 65 mph, with the exception of one in the 70s.  I am improving at tennis, though I hope I do not develop Wii-Tennis-Elbow. I think I might swing a little harder than I need to...

How is everyone doing with their Christmas/holiday shopping?

Do you have a Wii? Are you as obsessed as I am becoming??


  1. Holiday shopping is done!

    I have never finished a cross word puzzle in my life. My grandma would do it every Sunday and usually finish it.... I was always amazed.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic Saturday.

    We took our newphew to Shady Brook Farm's Christmas light show. It was fantastic, but what a line...

    Ran yesterday, but haven't managed to make it out today, I am currently wrapping and packaging all of the gifts for my support staff for xmas!

  3. Michelle- nice! I'm actually just waiting on one last package to arrive in the mail (crossing my fingers...)

    Vicki- thanks!

    Ojodeazul- I've never been there for their Christmas light show - is that where you drive through all the lights in your car? You are a very nice supervisor/coworker to get gifts for all your support staff :)


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