Friday, December 3, 2010

First Bootcamp and Black & White Cookies

Last night (Thursday) I tried out Bootcamp at the gym for the first time.  Bootcamp, according to my gym is: "a challenging full body bootcamp workout to burn calories, build endurance and increase your strength."


I arrived and was told to grab a mat and a tricep weight.  I was told that we would be doing a lot of reps, so I went with the 3lb weights over the 5lb weights.  I am weak.

We started out with running 2 laps around the indoor track (1 lap = 1/10.5 of a mile. of course... that's a logical distance!)  Then we did a plank and some tricep push upsLet me be clear, I cannot do a correct pushup.  Any variety. I knew I would be sore today! Then we ran 2 more laps around the track, and did a bunch of crunches and another plank.

We then went back down to the group exercise room where we did crunches then bicycle crunches for an entire song.  Then we did a plank.  And some tricep push ups.  Then we repeated that sequence...multiple times.  Somewhere along the way, while doing crunches, the instructor put steps down in front of each of us.  Then we did tricep push ups and wider chest push ups, with our hands on that step.  Note: I did all of these on my knees, not feet!

We did more crunches while laying on that step.  Then we picked up our weights and did some bicep curls with the weights while doing lunges on the step. Then we did some bent-over tricep extensions. Then more bicep curls, then some squats.  Then we repeated that whole sequence many times.

Then more crunches, some with our knees to the sides to work the obliques, and planks and both types of pushups.

For an entire hour.

Holy smokes, my legs were shaking when I got home.  I was anticipating some ab and chest soreness today.  That means it worked though, right??  It wasn't so bad in the abs, surprisingly - though they're a little tight. Maybe it's because I'm feeling it more in my upper arms and chest though.  I think I kind of liked it though, and will go back next week!

And since I had no pictures in this post, I will end with my delicious purchase from the grocery store Tuesday night.  The black and white cookie (4 them...for the 2 of us) from Wegmans.

My favorite part is the white butter cream frosting.  How can you not love butter cream frosting?

Turns out this combo pack had 2 chocolate cookies and 2 pumpkin spice? cookies instead of the usual 2 white cookies.  Unexpected, but not bad!

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