Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mischievous Dog, Zensah Leg Sleeves, Wegmans Bake & Rise Pizza

When I got home from work, I looked for my slippers.  But I could only find one.


I made sure the second one wasn't mixed in with the clothing next to it; it wasn't. I checked under the bed.  Then I checked up front in the living room, and sure enough it was there on the dog bed.

Clearly my slipper is a dog toy. Oh, Molly Waffles...

Before this happened, though, I came home from work to find my Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves waiting for me.  I ordered them on Friday.  Nice free two-day shipping from Running Warehouse!

Now, a demonstration of my jumbo calves. A little over 14.5" around.

Ignore the pasty, dry legs.  Winter is here and they have not seen sunlight in a long time.

The Zensah leg sleeve sizing:
XS/S: Calf Size 9.5" - 12"
S/M: Height 5 9" and below. Calf Size 11.5" - 14.5"
L/XL: Height 5 10" and up. Calf Size 14.5" and up

While my calves are about 14.75", I am only 5'2."  I went with the size S/M in black.
 They looked so small! Unstretched, the Small/Medium was 9.5" long.

 And about 3" wide. 

It looked like there would be no way these could fit on my legs! But they did.

And here they are on:

The leg sleeves fit well! Even being at the higher end of the size range.  I actually expected them to fit tighter than they do, and for them to be hard to put on.  It was as easy as putting on socks.  And they are snug, but not super snug. Tighter than my running tights or crops.  Not as tight as having my fat lady calves squished into my ski boots.  Feet look weird.  Knees do, too.

The reason I bought these - and I've been thinking about them for well over a month and a half now - is for wearing post-long runs or for when I'm experiencing some calf soreness after a tough class at the gym.  Who knows if they work or not, but I wanted to give them a shot.

I bought them from RunningWarehouse.com where they retailed for $35.95 ($40 MSRP) + a 15% off promotional code (search for them, they're out there!) and as I said, they have free 2-day shipping.  No Ebates or Add It Up (Bank Of America) Cash Back for Running Warehouse but they had the lowest price + best discount code.

And lastly, tonight was a lazy kind of dinner as my husband was working late.  We went with the frozen pizza option.  Wegmans Bake & Rise Roasted Vegetable Pizza.  It cost us a whopping $3.99 + tax.  I understand this is not the healthiest of dinners, but we ate healthily earlier in the day.

Here it is fresh out of the box:

425 degrees and 22 minutes later, here's a big slice right out of the oven: 


We actually sampled this at the store before buying, so we knew it tasted good.

It could have had more veggies on it, and if I wasn't in such a hurry to eat dinner at 8pm I might have found some extra veggies to throw on top. It was tasty, convenient, super easy, and cheap!


  1. I have pink Zensah sleeves (our calves are the same size!). I started out wearing them after races (and sleeping in them sometimes!). I've worn them for a couple of halfs as well. You are going to love them!

  2. I have never heard of sleeves like that! I will have to check them out!

  3. That pizza looks amazing and girl you have AWESOME calves. I love my compression sleeves! They help big time!! Meet me in St. Martin tomorrow??? We went there two years ago, loved it!

  4. (Just) Trying - Happy to hear a positive review of them!! I couldn't decide on a color so I went with black.

    Megan - I first came across them on other running blogs, and I don't remember how I learned about the Zensah brand...

    The HRG- Why thank you! Glad to hear another endorsement for these! And I would totally go back to St Martin! We stayed on the French side, in Grand Case. I did a post about our trip back on 8/30 = maybe you'd recognize some places I posted pictures of!

  5. We have the same calvesd For a small shorty I have such a hard time finding cute boots to wear in the winter! I spend months looking
    I'm definitely going to have to try the sleeves, thanks for the review :o)

    Ps: LOVE St Martin, I saw that post when i found your blog from lulumum and I recognized a ton of pictures, so beautiful there and the shiny shiny diamonds, I always joke to my bf overall it would be cheaper to take a trip to St Marteen and buy me an engagement ring there then it would to buy one here in Canada :o)

  6. Travelbug - I have boot problems too! I email customer service before placing online orders to ask the calf circumference. I liked St Martin a lot! I would definitely return. We stayed on the French side. I think you have a good idea for your next trip to St Martin :)

  7. Very interesting post there! I also had a pair of arm and leg sleeves. Feel so comfortable and it warms my legs and arms.

  8. Willow- Thanks for the comment! I've had a chance to wear the leg sleeves a couple times; hard to say how well they work yet - but they feel good on!


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