Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recap: Weeks 8 & 9 and Some Speed Work

My training schedule was a little screwed up due to night-time work functions for both myself and the mister.  And lots of rain.  So I did all kinds of switching around.

But I did manage to get it all in!

Here's what I did in list form:
2/28: 1 hour spinning
3/1: 2 mile easy run w/hubs
3/2: 8xHills run = 6.39 miles
3/3: 1 hour of boot camp
3/4: Rest
3/5: Pace run = 6.82 miles
3/6: 2.42 mile easy run in downpour w/hubs

3/7: Nearly long run. =8.52 miles
3/8: @work late. But 90 second plank + 50 reg. crunches + 75 oblique crunches.
3/9: 1 hour spinning
3/10: 1 hour boot camp
3/11: 9x400 @5k pace (see below) = 5.06 miles
3/12: TBD: Probably a long run
3/13: TBD: Probably breaking out my bike for the first time this year.

Fairly new to my blog?
Recaps from my previous 7 weeks of half marathon training:
Week 7
Week 6
Weeks 4 & 5
Week 3
Weeks 1 & 2

Friday's speedwork: 9x400 @5k pace (goal range: 9:23-9:45)

I thought I would utilize the interval training function of my Garmin for once instead of having to stare at the screen and get ready to push the lap button when the time came.  For those that are not familiar, you can set up intervals by time or distance.  You set the duration of the intervals, the duration of the rest intervals, then the number of laps. 

The watch beeps at you 5 times as you come to the end of an interval so you know it's time to start your rest interval or your next speedy interval.  While you run it also tells you how many more intervals to go.
 Here were my actual times:

The 9:32 and 9:25 were within goal range, the other 7 (8:53-9:16) were faster! And I didn't even feel like I was going to die!

I'm looking forward to some nice weather this weekend and early next week!  Great for running/biking...and with Daylight Savings tomorrow, it will be light out until 7pm.

Hope everyone reading is able to enjoy a taste of spring weather this weekend too!


  1. Woo hoo! You are getting super speedy! When is your half again? We have some nice weather coming our way too? How do you get all the Garmin splits on one screen? I tried to do it but I have to scroll down to see them all, I can only see like 4 at a time.

  2. Alyssa- thanks!! I'm very excited! My half is April 3rd...99% sure I'll sign up for another one on May 22 also.

    I've wondered before if the interface looks the same for everyone...I use w/my 405. When I click on an activity, it shows a summary at the top left, map at the top right. below the summary is all my splits; below the map are 3 graphs: timing, elevation, and hr. 13ish is getting close to the max number of laps I can show on my 11" laptop with the resolution I have it set at.

    Run with Jess- thank you!


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