Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recap Training Week 11 + Sunday Long Run

Week 11 Recap...

The plan.

5 mi 
10 x 400  
@5k pace 
3 mi 
12 mi 

The reality.

Monday 3/21: 1 hour of Spin
Tuesday 3/22: Easy Run = 4.05 mi. + 180 crunches + 90 sec plank
Wednesday 3/23: Rest Day
Thursday 3/24: 55 min. of Boot camp + 5x800@10k pace on treadmill =3.5 mi.
Friday 3/25: Rest Day
Saturday 3/26: Pace Run = 4.59 mi.
Sunday 3/27: Long Run = 12.32 mi.

6 days till the half!

Sunday's Long Run:
It was 12 miles; I ran it 3/1.  As per Hal Higdon that means:

A 3/1 run is one in which you run the first three-fourths of the distance at a comfortable pace, then accelerate to near race pace over the last one quarter of the workout. (You should finish refreshed, not fatigued.) 

I wouldn't say I finished fatigued, but I wasn't "refreshed" either.  
  • It was 40 and anywhere from breezy to windy.
  • I ended my run going straight into the wind.
  • I was facing west as the sun was setting, without sunglasses or a hat.  
  • The last two miles were a long gradual up-hill.
  • I was kind of squinty, my eyes were watering, and the fronts of my legs were a little cold because I wore shorts.

I had a mint chocolate gu @ mile 4.5-4.7 (sometimes I take my time!) and then an espresso love gu @ mile 8.9-9.0.

I clearly started off too fast for my eeeeasy run.  
Must remember to slow down at the beginning!

I brought my camera along on my run, here's the wildlife I saw.

Have you ever had a goose hiss at you??  They are not pleasant when baby geese are around (luckily it's not time for baby geese quite yet, but soon...).  They love to make themselves comfortable in the middle of the towpath.



Big Hill that I am never happy to see when returning from running along the canal:

 Not sure what's up with the pink sun spots.


  1. Great job on that long run! I'm looking forward to the day when anything above 3 miles can be "refreshing"... so far, it's the opposite :-)


  2. Sarah- thank you! I think I come back from some longer runs feeling "refreshed"- if the weather is great, I'm not worrying about pace, AND I don't have any close encounters with cars or dogs :)


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