Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweaty Bands Winner and race question

Drumroll please...

Congratulations to Abbie, winner of the Sweaty Bands giveaway!
Abbie, I have emailed you at the email address I found through your blog.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

I know this is so wrong, but now when I hear winner, I can't help but think of:

Ok, enough of Charlie Sheen.

Thoughts please:

1. I am signed up for a local, but hilly, half marathon on April 3.  I'd love to beat my previous best time of 2:21:10 that day, (and think I've been pretty good with my training) but *shouldn't* be too surprised if I don't, because holy hills.

2. Hubs and I are going to Ohio Memorial Day weekend, and planning to run a 5k on while we are there (I don't have any huge 5k goals...would like to be better than 10:00 pace though).

3. A friend just asked if I'd like to run a half marathon with her on May 22.  It's a relatively flat course.  It's only 45 minutes away.

My thoughts:
-Eek, a half only a week before a 5k!?
-What if I bomb the April 3 half?  It might be nice to know I've got a chance to redeem myself before summer is officially here and I will want to crawl into air conditioning and not come out again until October.
-If I DO beat my time goal on April 3...I could possibly further improve my time 7 weeks later on a flatter course.

Is this running timeline too crazy??


  1. A half, a week of rest, and then a 5k is TOTALLY doable. Go on with your bad self and rock it.

  2. I say you're okay. Each year I do my spring Half and 5K back-to-back weekends... and it's okay. I think those 3 races sound fine together.
    LMAO on Sheen... so sick of him!!

  3. I don't think the timeline is too crazy but it depends on whether or not you plan to use the first or the second half as a lower key race. If you flat out run the hilly course it might take a week to recover. The downhills always shred my legs. But if you dont get the time you want. You have 6 weeks to train for half #2 which is totally doable. Since you already have the mileage & are in racing shape. The 5k the week after is fine.

  4. That Charlie Sheen image is terrifying.

    I agree that your timeline is probably okay.

  5. I think it's a good timeline actually. You could probably do like 3 long runs in between your 2 halfs and be fine! I always think of 5ks as well I only have to run a 5k! The way you are running I bet you can get under 30mins no problem! Do it and then you can relax a bit in the hot/humid weather ands just enjoy being outside!

  6. I think the plan sounds doable! It's funny that he says winner when he clearly looks the opposite. :) First time to your blog! Look forward to reading more!

  7. Thank you for all the responses! The friend talking me into this says she actually PRed at her 5k the week after a half marathon!

    Kathleen- I think I'll play it by ear after the first one, but probably take it easy for the week after, regardless. We'll be out of town for a friend's wedding the week after the first half, so I won't be doing a long run that weekend anyway.

    Vicky- I think you're right! I'll have to figure out the specifics later. But with taking a week to recover then picking up the training again, I think I'll be ok. I'm feeling good with my current mileage so I don't anticipate any problems with keeping it up another 6-7 weeks through the end of May. Summer training is brutal for speedwork... I'm thinking I should definitely take advantage of spring weather for training/racing.

    Stephanie- thanks for reading!


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