Monday, October 4, 2010

Brooks Infiniti Jacket Review

My Brooks Infiniti Jacket arrived in the mail today from Road Runner Sports.  I ordered it in a size Small, in Winter Plum.

Here's the jacket's description on RRS.
As I mentioned in my previous post, this jacket features:
-DWR coating
-360 reflectivity
-moisture-proof media pocket
-handwarmer pockets (I disagree...they're just mesh inside, no soft brushed material)
-cozy cuff with thumbhole loop

Here's a front and back photo:

Note: the logo is placed on the chest in real life; on RRS and Brooks, it shows the logo vertically placed at the bottom.  The real life one also doesn't feature the weird little panel near the neck that is shown on the product page.  Not sure what that's about...a 2009 and 2010 version?  Just pointing it out.

Sorry these are a little dark.  It's actually been rainy here for the past couple days and by the time I got home it was 5ish, but pretty dark, and the bedroom light wasn't helping my pictures much.  The flash was still going off.  Here is a front and back view while being worn (you can see where it's reflective).

Here's a shot to show how fitted it is through the arms/body.  The sleeves are still long enough with reaching and the body did not rise up much (however, this hits at the low waist/high hip on me - it doesn't hit as low as the Lululemon Inspire jacket I reviewed over the weekend).

Also, please disregard the strange wooden monkey with a hook in the background.  Long story.

Here's a view of the inside of the jacket and the media pocket inside the front left.  Note, these are mesh pockets, not what I would have considered "hand warmer pockets."

PS, regarding that cord directly under the media pocket. There's one on each side.  You can pull those to cinch the bottom of the jacket a little tighter.  When you cinch it, the excess cord ends stick into the pockets. Kinda weird?  Not a problem though.  Just an unexpected place to find the draw-cord.

This one shows the nice soft brushed material inside the collar (very soft!), and the little loop to thread your headphones along the inside of the jacket:

I don't remember what they call it, but there's a little flap of fabric at the top of the zipper so you don't scratch your neck/chin on it.  The patterned ribbon trim is concealed when the jacket is zipped up.  I think the edging gives the lightweight jacket a little bit of structure as you try to zip/unzip it.

Tab to hang your jacket; not made in China.

Venting at the sides (I pushed the outer layer up so you could see the mesh underneath; when worn it is hidden).

See, mesh is hidden!  The panel under the arms and along the sides is different than the top of the arms/front of the jacket.  Panels are "Aireplex Stretch" (a weather-resistant material with a little spandex); the top of the arm and body of the jacket is the Infiniti Shelter (wind-waterproof breathable polyester).

Here's a shot of the cuffs with thumbholes.  I folded back the outside layer to show off the cuffs.

Another picture I took of the jacket, unzipped.

Comments on fit.
This is actually the first Brooks item that I have ever tried.  I ordered a Small strictly based on my measurements and their size chart.  Their size chart says a size Small is meant for a 32BC-34BC bra size, 32-34 bust, 24-26 waist, 36-38 hip.
(I find it odd that they think 32BC/34BC = 32-34 bust.  My understanding is that a 32C would mean you have a 35" bust, with the letter indicating the number of inches of difference between bust and band measurement...but whatever).

Anyway, with a 35.5" bust, 26.5" natural waist, and 36.5" hips, I settled on the small.  The bra sizes and hip measurement for the Medium sounded too big.  I think I made the right choice on size.  Though I felt that the shoulder seams came a little past my actual shoulders.  It fit me well through the bust, waist, and bottom of the jacket though.  I would have had room to layer a mid-layer fleece underneath, and I wouldn't run in much more than that.

I like the jacket, but I didn't love it.  It feels and looks like it was made well.  It is nice and lightweight.  The collar could have come up a little higher - if I'm going to be wearing this for wind protection in cool weather, I want the ability to zip it nearly up to my chin.  The sleeves look plenty long on me, but as I'm only 5'2" - I'd be concerned about the length of sleeves on someone taller.  For that matter, anyone with a longer torso might also find this to hit a little higher on the waist?

It's a nice jacket, and at $90 ($81 + free shipping if you have Road Runner VIP) it might be priced a little high? It is nice looking and fairly fitted - it's not like some boxier jackets that are out there.  Function wise, I of course didn't try it out in the rain or wind as I am not planning on keeping it.  I think it's probably a fair price for a well made, semi-fitted, (presumably) functional jacket, and like I said before, I like that it's not made in China.  Brooks has been around a while and seems to have a good reputation from what I can tell.

I'm a little surprised to say, I think I like the Inspire Jacket better than this one.  My reasons are: it is slightly longer in the body (who thought I'd say that, at 5'2"!?), has the awesome watch window, the hood option, a higher stand-up collar, and an extra back zip pocket if you need it.


  1. I just found your blog from a comment you left on lululemon addicts blog. I'm so excited because your blog is like a little gem that I just stumbled upon :) Your reviews of running clothes and food are awesome. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to following!

  2. As a guy..I decided to view yr a Canadian..some merchant has one of these on EBay for 19.99 US starting..doesn't look like a bad jacket..sure the Medium will fit me..I have a coupla prs of warm-up pants by Brooks..they aren't warm enuf for -25 C Cdn i put stretch microfiber pants over them..jacket is probably worth the 20 bucks plus shipping..thks..

  3. What's your problem with things made in China? The clothes from their factories are no better or worse than anywhere else.


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