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Off Topic: Skinny Jeans

iewThe post is a bit off topic, but I'm throwing it out there anyway.  Sorry for the dense text at the beginning, I tried to add as many pictures when possible.

Up to this point, I have resisted the skinny jean fad.  I am 5'2", I have hips and I have some muscle in my legs, and always thought they would do me no favors.

Back in May, I gave Banana Republic's skinny jeans a shot in a couple sizes, but I was not in love with them, they were a little more faded than I would have liked, and not worth the (on sale) $70 price tag.  They were also a little too short in my opinion, and going up to the regular inseam would have added 2" (maybe a little too much).

BR 4P Skinny Medium Wash Jeans
No longer available on the BR site, or I'd link to them.

As it is now fall and we are in boot-weather again, I have been thinking about ways to gather up the ankles of my boot cut or straight leg jeans to get them to fit into my rain boots and my taller suede boots.  I was talking with a fellow (short) friend at work about skinny jeans, and she mentioned Old Navy had some that were worth checking out (and cheap).  So I placed an order for a pair the other day.  I bought them on sale for $17.10 (originally 29.50).

Skinny Jeans were on the brain, and today when I found myself at Target, I said:  What the heck.  I grabbed a couple pairs of skinny jeans and headed to the dressing room.

I am usually a 2 in skirts and dresses in Target's Merona line (vanity sizing, I
think), and I don't know that I own any pants from them.  I'm usually a 4 in my Gap/Old Navy jeans and a 4 in Banana Republic Pants.  I grabbed the 4S in these Mossimo Black dark wash skinny jeans ($24.99).  The 4 regular looked long when I held them up to me, if the goal is for these to hit between my ankle and the ground when wearing them.

The pair I found in the store wasn't quite this dark though, and my eyes were drawn to the Juniors darker skinny jeans.

They were the Mossimo Supply Company juniors dark wash skinny jeans.  Only $19.99!  I have absolutely no idea what size I am in junior's clothing as I haven't worn it since probably the 9th grade.  Again, the regular length looked long.  I compared waists to the Women's 4S I had in my hand, and found the 7S was kinda close (but a lower rise).  Just to be safe, I also grabbed the 9S too.

I grabbed a pair without looking, and tried them on.  It was the (Juniors) 9S.  Surprisingly, I was able to get them over my 15" calves with no problem.  They actually fit well!  In the waist, hips, calves, and length.  A little room in the low-rise waist, and not painted on in the hips and thighs.  I was shocked.  They didn't look so bad on, either.  I think this was a good fit, as it will allow a little room for shrinkage.

Next I tried on the Women's 4S.  These were really snug in in the calf (more "jegging" style).  They fit a little loose in the waist and hip, and I didn't think the side view was as flattering, for whatever reason.  I practiced sitting and when I stood up, they were bunchy in the knee and I had to pull them down at the ankle again.

Last I tried the 7S, to compare to the 9S I had already tried on.  A little snugger in the calf than the 9S, but they still fit, a little less extra length, and snug enough in the thighs that the back view didn't look as great (fabric pulling a bit under the bum/on the upper thigh).

I tried on the 9S again, just to double check.  They seemed to look ok with the wedges I had worn to the store, they looked ok when I stood barefoot and when I stood on the balls of my feet to simulate heels.  For $20, why not?

When I got home I tried them on with a variety of my boots, and tall black pumps as well.  I measured the inseam to be 29".  They have an 8" rise.  The waist measures about 15" across.

I took some pictures, but the lighting stinks because some big rain clouds moved in and it got really dark out.  Lamps did not do much to help.  But here goes:

 These jeans fit into rain boots, amazing!

(These Tretorn Langta rain boots are also amazing because they have a 16" opening, which is plenty of space for my meaty calves and pants)

They even fit into my black suede Tahari Harrison tall boots!
(Also amazing, because of their 15"+ circumference)
 Can you tell by my stance that it's my 10th attempt
at getting a clear shot of these black boots in the dark?

And lastly, here are the jeans worn with black pumps, the Nine West Rocha.

For reference, here is the Target size chart.

A womens 4 should fit a 27-28" waist, and 36.5-37.5" hip.  Short styles have a 29-29.5" inseam.

A junior's 7 fits a 27" waist and 37" hip; a junior's size 9 fits a 28" waist and 38" hip.  Short has a 29-29.5" inseam.

I will likely leave the tags on these until the Old Navy ones I ordered come in the mail, so that I can compare.  But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by these!  While I may be coming around to skinny jeans, I can't say I'll ever be a legging person...

What are your thoughts on skinny jeans?  Do you own any?


  1. I bought skinny jeans (after debating a lot, I have to say) to wear tucked into my rainboots, my cowboy boots, and my flat-heeled black boots. My other jeans always bunched up too much for my taste. I have toothpick jeans from J Crew (expensive, but fit well) and a pair of "jeggings" from New York and Co. I like both pairs, but the jeggings are much stretchier, and I sometimes have to yank them back up around my waist after sitting. Other than that, they're comfy and work well with all the boots. Sigh... just a slave to fashion, I guess :)

  2. I have two pairs of them from last season but I would have to say that neither fit me very well or are very flattering. Your post has inspired me to look for better ones this season. The good news is I spent little money on each pair (Old Navy and TjMaxx). I think it is crucial to get the right fit in these. Maybe I'll have to try Target and see if any of these will work better.

  3. I really like your top picture of the BR jeans. Your rocking them. and love the mention of your calves at 15". Mine are 16" and I have a really, really hard time finding boots that fit them. Anyways, I've had the jeans/leggings + tall boots conundrum in mind as well.

  4. Hey I wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway on my blog. I emailed you, but a lot of times stuff like that ends up in "junk" and wanted to make sure that you get your prize :)

    lulumum... I have nearly 16" calves as well. What boots have you found that work? All I've come up with are Uggs :)

  5. @Java Joggers- thanks for commenting! And for following my blog! :)

    @Becky- I'm all about not paying too much for them since I don't know how well they work for me. I'm interested to see how the Old Navy ones fit. As I said, Target's fit/price surprised me, and they weren't as cheap feeling as I expected.

    @lulumum- Why thank you :) You just boosted my skinny jean-self confidence. Glad to hear there are others with large calves! I am amused when I read online reviews of boots by people with little calves. I have difficulty imagining what it's like to have a boot too loose around the calf!

    @Nicole- Woo hoo! How exciting!! Thank you you so much for letting me know. I haven't seen the email yet - what email address did you send it to?

    To Lulumum & Nicole- if you are willing to drop a BIG chunk of change on a boot, I recently read about Duo Boots based in the UK. Their boots have a variety of calf sizes! No personal experience with the brand, but I like their idea.

  6. oooh I'll check that brand out. I have my eye on these

    Sorry ^ I love that anthro posts the circumference details.

  7. You're so welcome.. thanks for entering! Your goodies are on there way :)

    I love the idea of those boots with the different calf sizes... perfect!

    lulumum- I hadn't realized that those boots had such a generous calf circumference. I'm in love with the Show Jumping boots at Anthro.

  8. @Lulumum - cute boots! And yes, it's great that they post the measurements on their site. I've found (run by amazon) is usually good about that with their boots too.


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