Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Smoothie" & ifitness Test Run

I made a smoothie last night.  I'm using the term smoothie loosely, and only calling it that because it involved a real banana.

I wanted to make it with coconut milk as well, however, when I opened up the coconut milk leftovers, it smelled a little funky so down the drain it went.  I added a little skim milk and a couple ice cubes.  And because of the ice cubes, I actually made it in our blender, instead of with the hand mixer.

I went to bed with the intention of running in the morning.  I laid out all my stuff last night.  My alarm went off at something like 6:45 this morning and it was still dark out.  My throat was a little dry (I really hope I'm not getting sick)  so I drank some water. And I decided to get back in bed and sleep in until 7:30 instead.  That gave me 8 full hours of sleep.  Since I may be fighting off a cold, I think I made the right choice (though maybe not the best choice with regard to my beverage last night).

I had nothing going on after work today so I went for a run when I got home from work instead.  Tried out my ifitness double pouch on my 4.3 mile run.

I brought my camera with me hoping to snap some pretty fall shots.  The leaves are not as vibrant as I'd expect!  And some are still green. Must be too early.  Regardless, if I haven't said it enough already, I love the park we live near.

It was easy enough to get my camera in and out of the pouch, and I didn't have to worry about "what if I lose my balance and fall on my face, using my camera to catch my fall."  It was comfortable to wear.  It did not ride up; it stayed below the waist band of my shorts the whole time.  The pouch did not jiggle with the camera inside.  I tried the belt with the pouch in a number of positions (front, both sides, back).  I couldn't feel the pouch on me, except for when the pouch with camera inside was resting on my bum - it kinda moved with my bum-muscles.  I found it more comfortable slightly off center: on my back/hip, side, or front/side.  Between my shorts and my ifitness belt, it did get a little warm (not quite sweaty), but my camera stayed dry inside.


  1. Very nice 'smoothie' ;p more like a daquiri no? Reminds me I need to pull out my blender and smoothie 'supplies'/

  2. My goal was something like a BBC
    (here's one variation anyway)

    But it just doesn't taste the same without coconut milk or pina colada mix!


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